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"The Crucible" The definition of integrity according to Webster'sDictionary is, "a rigid adherence to a code of behavior." There arethough many ways to look at a persons integrity. A person with integritypossesses many qualities. Three of these qualities are honesty, theability to follow a moral code, and loyalty to yourself and your beliefs. In The Crucible, a prime example of a person with integrity is ElizabethProctor. Elizabeth shows her personal purity when she refuses to persuadeher husband to confess to crimes of witchcraft. She refuses because shebelieves that he is good now in God's light. God, to her, will show herthe right way, and she believes that by following God's moral code shewill be right and just. John Proctor, Elizabeth's husband, also showshis integrity when he refuses to confess to crimes of witchcraft. Eventhough confessing would save his life, he won't confess to a crime hedidn't commit. He knows that being dishonest isn't being loyal to hisbeliefs. In The Crucible, an example of not possessing integrityis also shown. Danforth, is the prime example of having no loyaltytowards himselfor his beliefs. Danforth, is the Deputy Governor whoconvicts the citizens of being witches. When Danforth is asked to pardonthe accused, he refuses saying that he can't because twelve have alreadyhung for the same crime, and he refuses to let asnyone off. Even though heknows what is right and that they are innocent he won't because it wouldruin the integrity of the court, and his own recitude. Indictment: TheMcMartin Trial, also...

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the crucible Essay

1098 words - 5 pages John Proctor as a Tragic Hero John Proctor became a tragic hero in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller has brought a big problem to the Village of Salem, after Procto had an affair with Abigail Williams, she began to look for revenge and she started accusing people of witchcraft. John Proctor; a well-respected man in Salem, who is a hard worker always working for his family, love his children and his wife, is founded in a critical situation after

The Crucible Essay

1088 words - 4 pages The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a play about the Salem Witch Trials, in Salem, Massachusetts, in the year 1692. In this play, the characters are obsessed with goodness, and evil. In the 17th century, it was not acceptable to be evil, or have evil thoughts. Most fun was also considered evil. Characters in this play are caught "dancing," and it somehow turns into a witch-hunt. There are many evils in this play, like, greed, murder, vengeance

The Crucible Critical Review

733 words - 3 pages The Crucible is a famous play written by Arthur Miller in the Early 1950’s. It was written during the “Red scare, when McCarthyism was established. Many anti-communists wanted to prevent communism from spreading just like in The Crucible many wanted to get rid of witchcraft. Many would accuse others of witchcraft in order to not be accused just like many would accuse people of communism. In The Crucible witchcraft would be punishable by death

Puritanism and The Crucible

890 words - 4 pages The Crucible by Arthur Miller talks of a group of Puritans who believe that witchcraft and wizardry is the Devil’s work. There was a story of the Puritans not being able to dance or sing because it was considered witchcraft, but it was a myth. Puritans were allowed to dance and sing. The characters within The Crucible were shown as the strict and precise Puritans who cared about their religious lives, more than their social lives, after their

Themes in The Crucible

1178 words - 5 pages Themes in The Crucible In the crucible Arthur Miller takes the chilling story of the Salem witch hunt in 1692 and combines it with the issues of McCarthyism in the 1950s. The play reflects Miller’s ideas and opinions about McCarthyism and what he thinks are the similarities to the Salem witch hunts. Proctor is the main character Millers uses to reflect the unfairness of the Salem and McCarthy trials and how the truth died in the 1950s

Arthur Miller's The Crucible

1647 words - 7 pages Arthur Miller's The Crucible In The Crucible there are many different ways in which Arthur Miller captivates the interest of the audience. These include the reasons for which Arthur Miller wrote the play, and various themes within the play such as love, hate, lies, betrayal, lust and injustice. There is an interest in the nature of the community, the ways in which the law operated and the moral and reasoning behind the

The Crucible Essay

626 words - 3 pages The story The Crucible takes place during the times of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. This was a time of much hypocrisy in the people of the town of Salem. Many people believed anything they heard or saw. Although The Crucible is fictitious, the story depicts the historical information of the Salem witch trials, and blends them with fictitious characters with minds of their own to create a very realistic plot and conflict in this story

The Crucible Essay

1191 words - 5 pages The Mccarthy era was a very drastic time during the 1950’s when ideas about communism disseminated throughout the United States, particularly the government. Author of The Crucible, Arthur Miller, was very critical of this time and used characters, plot events, setting and literary terms and features to convey his message. Miller creates an allegory by using Witchcraft as a controversial topic similar to how communism was during the McCarthy era


665 words - 3 pages 'The Crucible- Act Four' The scene in Act Four of The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, defines thecharacterization, themes, and conflicts of the play. The scene takes place in acourt dungeon where John Proctor, is confronted by his wife Elizabeth for thefirst time in many months. The couple is imprisoned on having been falselyconvicted of practicing witchcraft. While Elizabeth has been held with therest of the members of the community, John

Arthur Miller's The Crucible

664 words - 3 pages Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a tragic story of injustice suffered by an innocent community who are subjected to the hypocritical, prideful judges of their trial. These Judges use their power to eliminate evidence of their mistakes and return their community to puritanical ways. The leaders of Salem are not concerned with seeking the truth and justice, but with maintaining their authority and

The Crucible & Reality

1034 words - 4 pages The Crucible represents the truth about human emotions and responses and it makes me realize how much this play relates to everyday life. In The Crucible, Abigail points her finger at others so that she will not get in trouble or punished for her actions. This relates to reality because many times, when people get in trouble they are quick to put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for their actions. The whole city is

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The Crucible Essay

796 words - 3 pages The Crucible, the movie version, was produced in order to pay tribute and shed more light on the catastrophic witch trials during the late 1600's. Previously to the movie, Author Miller wrote a novel to portray the events that had unfolded in Salem, Massachusetts. I found that the movie tried too hard to stay true to the novel and was ultimately limited in it's abilities to deliver an interesting and crowd pleasing movie. To make matters worse

The Crucible Essay

1138 words - 5 pages Proctors Grave Mistake Corruption has always existed in our society since the beginning to present time due to conspiracies such as the witch trials and the communism era. The Crucible by Arthur Miller was written during the era of communism to mere the hysteria. The Crucible is about the Salem witch trials in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. It’s a corrupt witch trial in Salem that’s due to false accusations of witchcraft for personal gains. John

The Crucible Essay

675 words - 3 pages The CrucibleIn the play The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, some characters had an intense struggle between good and evil. A character who clearly displayed this quality was John Proctor. Many of his actions were good but he still made some major mistakes, which were extremely sinful in his society. Because of the mix of good and bad, he questioned his morality.A major sin in Mr. Proctor's life was when he had an affair with a younger woman

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1160 words - 5 pages The CrucibleThe people of Salem can hardly be condemned for their actions duringthe witch hunts of 1692, as described in the play The Crucible, for they weremerely products of their time. This is shown through an examination of thetheocratic society in which they lived, the patriarchal snobbery theyexhibited toward each other, their lack of medical technology and in depthknowledge of disease and of an analysis of the fear they displayed of