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The Crucible Essay

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Analyse how settings are used to help you understand characters in the written text(s).

Through time it can be seen that the world’s history has a nature of repeating its self. Author Miller, was aware of this as he experienced a repitition of history of society’s flawed government. In the text The Crucible, the writer, Author Miller has identified and illustrated the problems society faced during the 1950’s setting by drawing parallels with the setting of the 1962 Salem witch hunt. This setting helps readers to understand the characters of John Proctor and Giles Corey.

During Author Miller’s era of the 1950’s, the ‘cold war’ was happening. Senetor Joeseph McCarthy was completely against ...view middle of the document...

Through the parallel settings of the 1692 Salem witch hunt and the 1950’s, my understanding for the character of John Proctor deepens. Anthor Miller’s own real character has been reflected onto the character of John Proctor. This is because both Miller and Proctor were arrested based on false accusations of mass hysteria and that they both stood up for what they believed in to do the right thing and redeemed themselves. Proctor was arrested when he was confessing to the court of his affair with the 12 year old antagonist Abigail Williams, and his wife without knowing he confessed, said no affair happend to protect him. Proctor is accused of being a liar and in frustration yells “God is dead!” making him guilty of witchcraft in the eyes of the court and jailed. Sadly, Proctor was unfairly jailed as readers know he is not a witch, and his arrest was based on the mass hysteria of the town fooling themselves to believe in witches because of the fear that yourself may be accused. Likewise, Author Miller landed himself in jail for something non worthy and based on mass hysteria, as he was arrested for assosiating with communists. This was unfair as no one should be jailed based on a want for a policical socialism, and also that his arrest was based on mass hysteria of the 1950’s society influenced by McCarthyism so that once arrested, many would name as many names of guilty or innocent people they could think of to be freed. Miller’s knoble decision to stand up against the corrupt government and do the right thing lead to their own redemptions. Proctor confessed to witchcraft and after continued internal conflict about whether this was right, he refused to sigh his confession as he didn’t want his children to have a blackened name, aswell as refusing to identify witches as when asked to identify anyone seen with the devil he said “no i did not” see anyone with the devil. This was the right thing to do and lead to redemption of himself and of his wife as she was hugging him with passion, although this action to stand against the government lead to his death by being hung. Proctor’s character has been reflected by Miller’s experiences as he refused to identify other communists which kept him jailed but redeemed himself and his name. These parallel acts of bravery and truth give me hope that people can be true and influence me to want to be truthful and brave in troubling situations as i begin to question if I would, and I question my own ideas of doing the right thing. The setting of Author Miller’s era, the 1950’s has helped readers to understand Proctors character as Proctor’s internal conflict has been reflected from Miller’s experience as we assume he had his own internal conflict when he stood up...

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