The Crucible, Arthur Miller "How And To What Extent Does The Crucible Show That It Is More Damaging To Deny The Truth, Than It Is To Acknowledge It?"

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In The Crucible, Arthur Miller gives many examples that show that denying the truth, and lying to do so, is far more damaging than it is to simply acknowledge it. The play demonstrates the potential damage that can occur to a person's reputation and livelihood when false accusations are placed upon them. It shows that when certain individuals are willing to deny the truth in order to avoid the consequences of acknowledging it, that denial forces lies to be constructed. These lies lead to more deception and, in the case of the plot of "The Crucible", eventually grows out of control, leading to a course of events that was never originally intended.This denial mixed with deception is particularly damaging in "The Crucible" as it is closely linked to religion. This severity comes from the fact that, at the time the play was set, the church had immense power and people were seen as either being a Christian or a devil worshipper. There was very little middle ground. If it weren't for the intense religiousness of the community of Salem, the damage caused would have been substantially less. The damage that can be caused by denying the truth is magnified by the situation caused by the constraints of the highly religious society that the people of Salem adhered to.The main and most significant instance of denying the truth in "The Crucible" occurs when the girls are caught dancing and supposedly practicing witchcraft in the forest. Witchcraft was seen to be a black and evil art that "devil worshippers" would undertake. They are seen by reverend Parris who then interrogates Abigail. When she was being questioned by reverend Parris about what had happened, she lied. Had she proceeded to tell the truth and acknowledge what she and the others did it would have averted the series of events that happened. Out of her own fear of persecution she framed innocent people and misled the reverend. Had she told the truth she could have prevented the trials later in the story from ever happening.Many of the other girls who were also in the forest with Abigail saw that if they were to acknowledge the truth they could be seriously punished. Rather than accept the...

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848 words - 3 pages have woke up. It was thought to be witchcraft when the girls wouldn't came up when Mrs. Putnam says "I'd not call it sick; the Devil's touch is heavier than sick. It's death, y'know, it's death drivin' into them, forked and hoofed (Miller 13). And so it is clear that Ruth and Betty could have prevented any of this from happening, but they decided not to.Many people and things could have prevented the outbreak of witchcraft from starting or could

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1904 words - 8 pages evidence, "I shall fall like an ocean on that court."(p.64). John Proctor says this to extremely meaningful effect. He has used a powerful metaphor during a rage in which he is arguing with those in authority, who oppress him and his wife. This quotation shows the ability to which Proctor can show his strength to those in court. This leaves us constantly thinking of what will happen in court when he does fall on it like an ocean. He implies that he

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679 words - 3 pages away under immense stress. The hard structure of society in puritanical America and the spotless reputations of many good folk melt away to nothing in the fire of fear and trials caused by accusations of witchcraft. Miller uses the imagery of the crucible in the play also, in a quote from Mr. Danforth, “We burn a hot fire here, it melts down all concealment”, though what ends up being revealed is the fear and intolerance that control

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1506 words - 6 pages , where the 'witches' were saved only if they named others. The dramatic scenic unit in Act 4, which could be seen as a climax, of John Proctor confessing and then refusing to name others is very similar to when Arthur Miller was called before McCarthy in 1956 and refused to name others. However Miller maintains that he did not write 'The Crucible' intending to refer just to the McCarthyism but to all cases of mass hysteria and how people could and

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2329 words - 9 pages drinking age to 21. Among alcohol control policies, the minimum legal drinking age has been the most studied: since the 1970s, at least 70 studies have examined the effects of either increasing or decreasing the minimum legal drinking age.(AMA)I propose that minimum legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to an age of 18, and 16 und certain circumstances.Although the legal minimum drinking age is 21, it does not work, and a

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1173 words - 5 pages born.  By examining the universality of the theme of the play and its tragic elements, it will be apparent that The Crucible is Arthur Miller’s greatest achievement. The Crucible was not as instantly successful as Death of a Salesman because “its merits were at first overshadowed by the notoriety of its most obvious theme.  The Salem witch trials of 1692, was distractingly applicable to what has been called the witch hunts of the 1950’s” (American

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1559 words - 6 pages The Crucible by Arthur Miller Every great playwright has his or her time in the spotlight, for Arthur Miller it is believed this time came when he created The Crucible. The play is based on the corruption of the Salem witch trials which condemned many to an unjust death. Numerous amounts of criticism and interpretations were published to help the reader visualize a clearer picture of the play and understand what was happening during

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1346 words - 5 pages themselves during the fifties. The Crucible should be considered a great drama just because of it's all encompassing theme of conformity. It is one which everyone will find personal relation to forever.The Crucible has so much more to it that it needn't be considered great drama on the basis of a good theme alone. It also attacks the poor balance of power that we can see around us everyday. Miller shows us how much power a sole individual can have

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1256 words - 5 pages The crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is about the Salem witch trials and how people react to hysteria created from the fear of witches. In the play, after hysteria breaks out, the Salem government starts persecute and hang people it believes are witches. This prompts people to start to accusing people of witchcraft. Some people who accuse others of committing witchcraft are Abigail Williams and Thomas Putnam. They do not accuse people of

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886 words - 4 pages , drunkenness and gambling would be punished. The people of Salem believed in the devil and thought that witchcraft should be hunted out. The play can be seen as a general statement on the effects that fear and fanaticism can have on human beings and how one person can cause such catastrophe. It is a purely a controversial play, so why write a play knowing the danger you were putting yourself in? Arthur Miller wrote the play because he was

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

1064 words - 4 pages control. What she wants is John Proctor to herself, and Elizabeth out of the picture. With her position, she could probably achieve her goal, but John Proctor would never let that happen. Works Cited The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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