The Crucible Character Analysis High School Essay

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David Parrett
In the court of law, a man is innocent until proven guilty. The defendant is given a
chance to convince the judge they didn't do the crime, while the plaintiff uses evidence
to prove the defendant guilty. The court is fair and unbiased, to ensure a fair trial. This
wasn't always how the court worked. In 1692, a man accused of a crime is guilty until
proven. In the case of Salem witch trials of 1692, innocent people were being
sentenced to death, without a fair trial, and all at the hands for a group of girls that
abused their power. In the novel The Crucible, it tells a tale of a group of girls who are
caught practicing some type of ritual, that during this time would be called witchcraft.
After the group falsely confesses for seeing the devil and being translators for the devil
they acquire power in salem, along with fear. Such a commodity brings a lot of
attention from many types of characters, both good and bad. From judges from the
higher court, to reverends and farmers. Arthur Miller, creates two types of characters in
this novel. One type of character is a static character, this means that throughout the
novel, the characters mindset doesn't change out. The other character is a dynamic
character, this means the throughout the novel the characters mindset and beliefs are
changed. There are many characters that can be classified as dynamic or static, but
there are three notable characters that express these characteristics greatly. John
Proctor, Reverend Hale, and Judge Danforth these are the three character. Throughout
the novel, questions arise, who is the hero? Should a dynamic character or a static
character berecognized as the hero? The characters stated above are the most
expressive of these characteristics and each can be seen as a hero.
A dynamic character would be Reverend Hale. Reverend Hale was introduced into
this story to help find the witch that was in salem. Reverend Hale is expressed in the
beginning as a powerful man with a reputation of being a witch catcher. In the book
Hale is caught saying his books are “heavy with authority” this kind of mindset makes
Hale seem more of an enemy than a friend, that he is here for one job and one job only:
find the witch. At first Hale believes the girls lies, and starts going after the people they
say; “HALE: Take courage, you must give us all their names. Tituba; the Devil is out and
preying on children like a beast upon the flesh of the pure lamb. God will bless you for
your help.(I.470-486)” Reverend Hale has fallen for the girls tricks, and for every person
they said he put them in jail, but he was a smart man. The girls were power hungry,
living in a patriarchal society where men have all the power, once the girls got a taste of
power it’s all they wanted. On top of being power hungry they were also feared, these
two combined can be dangerous. As more and more people were being convicted hale
started becoming suspicious. The girls plans were snowballing into this one...

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