The Crucible: Did The Puritans Give Their Lives For Good Reasons?

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Many innocent Puritans in Salem died after being falsely accused of witch craft. The Crucible explains the lives of those accused and why they chose to give their life to receive a place in heaven. Because of how strongly they followed their religion, they died for good reasons. When someone was convicted of being a witch, they had to face the court of law and either confess to something they didn't do or die. In confessing to a lie, the person was risking a loss of land and pride, but still they had saved their lives. In confessing to their "sins" the Puritan had to sign a piece of paper saying that they were a witch. This was a horrible and difficult thing for a Puritan to do because they believed that if the Devil was ever came to one of them, he would bring a book where they would have to sign their names over to him as his servants.Some beliefs of their religion affected how the Puritans decision to die instead of confessing. They thought that "all events are known and predetermined by God" (Amy). This shows that if a person was accused they might have figured that God wanted them to die in that way. God must have something planned for them if he chose for them to be considered as a witch in their society. Another belief that makes a connection to the last one what that "God is all powerful and good while men and women were sinful and weak" (Amy). This could have made them presume that they had been sinful and that being charged as a witch was God's way of punishing them. These beliefs played a huge role in the thinking process of the Puritans in their...

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