"The Crucible" Character Analysis On Abigail And How Her Character Influences Events In The Story With Quotes And Excerpts To Back Up The Information.

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Abigail, the orphaned niece to Reverend Parris, is cast out of the house of John and Elizabeth Proctor because of her part in the infidelity committed with John Proctor. Her uncle is suspicious of her hasty exit, and even more so when he discovers her dancing in the woods. In order to avoid punishment, Abigail claims to be victimized by evil, thus causing madness that spread like wildfire through Salem, claiming many innocent souls. Yet the one who escaped punishment, Abigail, is not innocent. However, her crime, invisible to the eyes of the judges, for whom faith had replaced psychology, is not to have trafficked with the Devil; it is, with truly diabolic determination, to have brought about the ruin of the woman she cannot forgive for being married to the one she loves.Throughout the play, the people of Salem are consumed by paranoia and fear. Abigail is able to prey on that fear, as well as every other humanly weakness, and with her cunning, she is able to bend others to do her will. With a combination of lies and threats, as well as her capability to take advantage of paranoia and hysteria, Abigail seems to be an untouchable antagonist.Even as one first starts reading the play, one can perceive Abigail's talent in the area of villainy. With seemingly no conscience whatsoever, she lies continuously in order to protect herself. She denies her role in the witchcraft on page ten as she is being questioned by Parris when she says, "But we never conjured spirits". On the following page, she also refuses to admit other events that took place. "No one was naked! You mistake yourself, uncle! (p.11)". It is obvious that Abigail is a compulsive liar. She sees no problem with concealing the truth and would say anything to keep herself out of trouble.In addition to lying, Abigail also turns on others and falsely accuses several innocent people. Why does she do so? Apparently, self-preservation is above everything else. No matter what fate falls upon those who are wrongly accused, Abigail will have no remorse, for as long as she is safe, others simply don't matter. Although it is obvious that Tituba is called upon by Abby to help her in witchcraft, Abigail turns on Tituba when stating "She sends her spirit on me in church; she makes me laugh at prayer! (p.44)". Additionally, she falsely accuses Goody Sibber, Goody Hawkins, and Goody Booth of compacting...

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713 words - 3 pages other and John takes care of her in every way he can, but this lack of affection is one of the reasons John ended up having an affair with their servant, Abigail. Since then she has fired her, and the coldness in her relationship with John continued up until the witch trials. As shown in the story, this seems to be his only severe sin so she still believes him to be a good man otherwise. She later starts to blame herself as seen on page 126 for

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