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Piscine Patel And Mrs. Brill Essay

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Laughter, a common reaction from the humor spoken of others explains the meaning of comedy; comedy occurs only at the expense of others. Although the ages of jokes may range, the scars of emotions left behind forever torture the mind. Two characters noticed the reality of comedy as it takes a toll on each of them: Piscine Patel and Mrs. Brill experienced life changing events due to the laughter of others in the occurrence of embarrassment that each received. Piscine Patel, a young boy that played the protagonist in Life of Pi :A Novel written by the author Yann Martel, related to another character by sharing a similar problem to the main character, Mrs. Brill, in the short story “Mrs. Brill” by Katherine Mansfield. Throughout each piece of work, each character found themselves in a predicament of negativity that they must learn overcome to live in such a world of obscure people. The themes provoked in each writing express the true reality of the human races decisions to dominate the weak. The cruel words spoken by those around them has set them back in life; however, the way each character chooses to grasp their predicaments sets the two apart.

Piscine Patel, at the young age of fourteen, experienced a devastating situation when those around him gave him a nickname not within his desired approval. The teachers and classmates he attended school with, including his older brother, evoked him of his name because of the pronunciation of “Piscine Patel” as “Pissing Patel,” in the meaning of another term for the bodily function, urinating (Martel, 20). “With one word, my name went from an elegant French swimming pool to a stinking Indian latrine. I was pissing everywhere” (Lee, Life of Pi). For a young child to be put in such an obscure situation by adults, friends and particularly family members, alerted the boy that he must end this ongoing disturbance (Martel, 20). The young man took action in putting a halt to his embarrassment when he moved to a new school, Longfield Middle School; he accomplished this task as he wrote his name on every chalk board at the start of every class period as “Piscine Molitor Patel,” which he always “double underlined the first two letters” of his name. Then “For a good measure,” he added the mathematical pi symbol (Martel, 22-23).

Mr. Patel’s nickname, “Pi”, was chosen with a great purpose; it described him consummately. He chose the term “Pi” because the mathematical term defined it as infinite, undefined and therefore unable to be understood, in comparison to his personality and emotions. Although all of his former classmates may have known him as “Pissing Patel,” they had finally granted him a chance to redeem himself of the miserable label (Martel, 20). Gratefully, after a full day of the same repetitive motions, he had discovered a way to forever change the way others looked at him and criticized him due to the name he was given by his
parents. Although Patel didn’t particularly mind the name...

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