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The Cruelty Of Animal Abuse Essay

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Animal Abuse
You turn on the TV to watch the news, and you hear about a teenage girl throwing newborn puppies into a river. You think in your mind, how sad and cruel that is and hope she is never allowed to own any pets again in her life. But, you don’t really think about it as your day goes on. Little do you know that people who commit animal abuse only get 5 years of not being able to own a pet. 95% of people don’t want to see animal abuse and wouldn’t want the abuser to have another pet again. In my opinion, animal abuse is very wrong, since animals can’t speak for themselves; people need to know animal abuse is cruel and unfair.
There are two different types of animal abuse: Intentional and unintentional. Intentional animal abuse is the worst type of abuse because you intentionally hurt animals. The abusers hurt animals because they enjoy doing it. People that hurt animals intentionally, normally have a psychological disorder or emotional problems. One of the warning signs of certain psychopathologies is a history of torturing pets and small animals, known as zoosadism. Two High school students who shot and killed 12 classmates and then themselves spoke to their classmates about mutilating animals. Animal cruelty can be deliberate or simply failing to take care of your pet, which brings us to the next type of animal abuse: unintentional. Unintentional animal abuse is hurting animals because the abuser doesn’t realize what they are doing is bad. Over the past years, the boundary between kindness and animal cruelty has moved but some people didn’t even notice. We try to make our dogs look cuter by docking tails, ear-cropping, and de-barking but it is actually very painful and traumatic to the dogs that experience those things. Also de-clawing cats is a very painful mutilation that involves 10 amputations of not just the nail, but the bone too. Cats that are de-clawed have to re-learn how to walk. We do these things to make our pets look better but, little do we know, this is unintentional animal abuse.
Now you may ask why people abuse animals. There are many reasons why. They may have a psychological disorder or they just like to abuse the animal for fun and to make them feel more powerful. Cruelty to animals is a common behavior in children and adolescents that grow up to be serial killers or commit other violent criminals. Murderers also start off abusing animals as kids. Research shows that a history of animal abuse is one of the traits that appear in computer records of serial killers and rapists. Young kids start off abusing, mutilating, and torturing animals, and grow up in an environment of killing and murdering and become killers when they get older. Jeffery Dahmer was one of those people who abused animals when he was young and became a killer once he got older. At an early age he had an interest in animals. He began to collect animal carcasses from the roadside and dismember them either at home or in an expanse of woodland behind...

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