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It is sad to see how my generation (including myself) is slowly losing all sight of where we have come from. Olaudah Equiano’s Middle Passage excerpt has opened my eyes to how dreadful it must have been for African American slaves, especially during the Middle Passage. In his experts he talks about how slaves would rather try to take their own lives than to live in that abdominal situation for even a second more. He goes on to say that slave masters would not even allow it to happen by punishing any slave who tried to commit suicide. It is hard for me to fathom the psychological and physical turmoil of African American slave during the middle passage, and through this essay that is what I ...view middle of the document...

There were around 600 African Americans on each boat, and each boat was designed to hold roughly around 450 people at the maximum. Days start to go by and the smell of musk, urine, feces, and blood start to come together into and unimaginable stench, full of disease. Each breath you take fills your lungs with disease and you slowly start to loose conscious of who you are. The heat emitted from each body adds to the already wretched stench, and as each slave lays there their body tries to fight off the disease floating in the air. With little food or water their physical bodies starts to become sluggish and weak, and soon their bodies start to decay.
As slaves lay there weak and helpless they would come up with ways to kill themselves, or take the lives of the crew members in a revolt. When they finally come up with the nerve to put the plan into action, they are recaptured and punished. For their punishment some slaves were mutilated or branded, some were even tied up and thrown in the bottom of the boat, where they would stay isolated from the rest. Because of the slaves weak physical conditions, many of the revolts were unsuccessful, not to mention the weapons the Europeans...

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