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The Crusades: Short Term And Long Term Effects

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In 1095, the conflict between the Christians and the Muslims started a crusade (a military campaign in defense of Christianity) for the battle of Jerusalem. This crusade involved people of other religions besides Christianity such as the Jews but they did not play a major role during this time. The Crusades lasted almost two decades and consisted of eight different crusades. With all of the events and actions that took during the Crusades, it led too many effects throughout years. There were short term effects and long term effects from the crusades that effected people of all different cultures. Two places which have had many effects from the Crusades are Europe and Islam. The Crusades has had short term and long term effects on power, economic and classical knowledge throughout Europe and Islam.
In order for the crusades to begin, the Christians needed to gather an army to travel and fight the forces of Muslims. With all the power being held by monarchies at this time, the church needed to be cleaver in order to gain troops to put their lives on the line. To gain the support of these warriors and dedication of men, Pope Urban II (1088-1099) challenged those morals of men by telling them to grab their weapons and join the holy war to recover the land of Jerusalem. It was not the challenge that convinced men to take part in this war. The promise of “immediate remission of sins” attracted the men to stand up for their religion and beliefs while at the same time, promising them a trip to heaven when life comes to an end. With this statement, men instantly prepared for battle which in a very short period of time gave the church power which has been held by the monarchies. Men of rich and poor prepared for battle, some wearing wool chest pieces, many with no shoes, and cloaks that were unable to cover the entire body. These men within days were ready to support the church on a conquest that could change their life forever.
Alongside the death of thousands of men, women, and children on both sides of Islamic and Christian people, the two sides immediately began to trade. With the Islamic people being more advanced, having much more items that the Europeans have never seen, they thought of these things are treasures. They began trading goods such as: cotton, silk, sugar, gold, and spices. These new items allowed the creation of new things. Cotton and silk allowed for new things such as new clothing and household items. Sugar and spices, allowed the Europeans to create new recipes with new tastes and change recipes they already have in place. One major spice the Europeans received was pepper which can be added onto food to add more taste.
With trading taking place between the Europeans and Islamic people, both states were able to make a good amount of income which was important after the large amount of money spent on the Crusades. In the third Crusade led by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa of Germany (1152-1190) , Richard I the Lionhearted of...

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