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The Cuban Embargo: A Double Edged Sword

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In five decades, the Cuban embargo has failed to achieve its purpose, damaged U.S interest, and affected the Cuban people. Since the year 1959 when Fidel Castro took over Cuba, the country has been under communist rule. It’s been over 50 years since the United States placed and embargo against Cuba. The embargo also known as “the blockade” places travel restrictions and trade of commerce on any one who is under the US jurisdiction. One of the purposes of the embargo was to turn Cuba into a democratic country and to fight for human rights. Nothing has changed and now Cuba is blaming the U.S. for its chronic starvation and economic devastation.
The U.S has had relations with Cuba since the Spanish-American war in 1898. Since Spain was defeated by the Americans, Spain signed the rights to its territories including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam over to the U.S. It granted Cuba its own independence with the stipulation that the US could intervene in the country’s affairs if necessary. Then came the Cuban revolution in 1951 and Fidel Castro’s guerrillas took over President General Batista government. Castro’s Marxist-Leninist ways took over the whole island and began to tax the U.S. heavily. President Eisenhower responded by imposing trade restrictions on everything except food and medical supplies. Castro then expanded its trade with the Soviet Union and the U.S responded by cutting all diplomatic ties. President John F Kennedy signed a permanent embargo in 1962, right after ordering 1200 Cuban Cigars. Cuba and the U.S have been communicating through Switzerland since then.
The intent of the embargo was to encourage democracy and to fight for human rights. The country has been under communist rule since the Castro Regime began. Nothing has changed since then. In 2008 Castro transferred over his position to his brother Raul Castro because of his critical health conditions. The embargos only success has been in making daily life difficult for the people of Cuba. The Cold War has ended and Cuba is not a threat to the international community. Cuba’s relationship with the Soviet Union was a concern during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the USSR stored nuclear bombs in Cuba. The USSR dissolved in 1991.The embargo can no longer be justified as a fear of communism spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere.
The United States is now the only country in the world that does not maintain normal diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba. The embargos policy has three core economic costs to it: the economic deprivation and isolation of Cuba; the loss of market opportunity for US businesses; and now, the potential market advantages being obtained by non-US firms doing business in Cuba. By lifting the embargo and allowing American firms to invest in Cuba It will also help to stop the migration of Cuban refugees coming to the U.S. Depleting the embargo would lessen the uncontrollable amount of migrations from Cuba to the US.
Cubans are denied access to food,...

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