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The Cultural And Sub Cultural Influence Of Narcotics Anonymous

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The Cultural And Sub Cultural Influence of Narcotics Anonymous.

The Subculture of N.A is a life outside of any expectations formed by the main Cultural Influence. It is a very private organization that I belong to which became a way of life for me. It has values, traditions, beliefs, sanctions and roles. This is the only outside influence in my life that made me develop meaning to my life again. I was a complete and total crack addict who finally hit the bottom of the barrel and started looking for a way to climb out of the grave I dug myself into.
Narcotics Anonymous is a group that has taught me many values. They have twelve values, twelve traditions, and twelve steps. As a group we learn to accept all of the above for mentioned beliefs. There is what you call a home group. That is your main meeting session with your sponsor, (if you choose to have one which is recommended), sharing time, to talk about whatever you choose i.e. your day, if there was a relapse, a stressful day, and just trying to talk to others who understand every struggle we have on a daily basis to stay clean.
N.A‘s Values are as follows: 1. Trust: Bonding from addict to addict. 2. Loyalty: Acts of contribution (since they are a self sustaining group). 3. Submission to the spiritual life because that is instilled in many ways especially since it is a part of Traditions, Twelve Steps and values. 4. Courage to change, 5.Caring and sharing, 6.Spiritual Humility, 7. Courage to try, 8. Sincerity: Honest Intentions, 9. Integrity: Honest Intentions, 10. Perseverance and Good Faith, 11. Conscious contact with our higher power, 12. And most importantly: Living Clean. To live by these values is sometimes very hard.
The beliefs would be like the Narcotics Anonymous Traditions. Truthfully, the Traditions are pretty much common sense. Summed up they are basically common sense among non-addicts as in contrast they are a whole new set of beliefs to live by for each Group member (addicts). The N.A. also has norms although informal norms and positive sanctions. For example, if a member of the group strays from the steps and relapses instead of punishment we show them extra love and compassion to get them through their time of need. This is also a form of folkways. There are certain types of conduct which we should follow. If a Group member is sharing we...

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