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The Cultural Expression Of Music Essay

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Societies consist of several diverse elements, which are significant in the advancement of social notions. One of those key elements is media. In today’s society we approach countless varieties of media that are constantly influencing the way individuals live their lives. Consuming media on a daily basis has an immense effect on the way people view things within society. A source of media that tends to dominate our daily lives is music. Music is currently presented within every aspect of our lives and has become a commodity more than a cultural aspect. It is existent in every occasion with a variety of genres. It has now become available everywhere at any time of day. With music being such a big commodity in today’s society, popular music developed. Popular music is based upon what is appealing to most individuals throughout society, which is determined by a scale of activity such as music charts. It is considered as a key cultural expression that highlights the attitudes of personalities (Joan Serrà, 2012).
Due to the marketing of popular music, music has an immense effect on the way people view things within society creating an effect on our thoughts and perspectives. Popular music guides music artists to produce what is in high demand, which results in pseudo-individualization and standardization (Allen, 2005). It consists of a variety of themes that are presented by different music artists on a regular basis. One of the well-known themes is exploiting sexuality and gender in order to be successful. Social constructions versus essentialism are highlighted components that are constantly expressed in today’s popular music culture. Today’s popular music consists of a variety of sexual references to attract consumers. Whether it is the lyrics of a song or the clothing the artist is wearing in the music video, they are all based around sexuality in order to entice consumers. Objectifying women for increased sales of a specific product, or for a man’s own pleasure can cause an influence on gender roles within society. A pop music group that tends to exploit is sexuality and reinforce stereotypical gender and sexuality norms is the Pussycat Dolls. Rather than mainly focusing on their music, their sex appeal is what tends to be what they are mainly known for. Their image is primarily represented as a sex symbol that stereotypically men request. Although males and females often employ sexuality in today’s society, females are often more accountable to the customs set by the male conquered music industry (Kunal Dutta, 2013).
The Pussycat Dolls formed in the year 1993 and were originally known as a burlesque troupe that gave sexual performances, which focused on teasing and humor rather than their actual music (Bill Lamb). In 2005, they became a musical recording act in the pop music genre. A music genre is known as a category characterized by similarities in forms such as musical, moral, lyric and or visual. Pop music is a genre of popular music that...

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