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The Cultural Influences Of Cellular Phones

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The cellular phone is here to stay in today’s culture due to the idea of always being connected and convenience through the functionality of the cell phone. The technology of cellular phones was initially invented so that people could use a phone without the physical restriction of being tied to a land line. But modern use of the cell phone has developed to become way more than just making and receiving phone calls. The cell phones of today are small computers capable of looking up anything that has ever been known, anywhere. Besides being functional, cell phones also have the ability to be personable to give a person self-expression through kind and color of phone. Cell phones have altered the way that people communicate and interact with one another, creating new rules of etiquette and ethics that have not yet been agreed upon all age groups
(HOW THE CELLPHONE IS USED)Most cell phones come equipped right out of the box with basic needs, clock, GPS. Contemporary cell phones have large data storage capacities and even some have a full size keyboard, making them look and operate like a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. With all these things a cell phone can do, making it easy to assume how they became a hit, functionality. With a cell phone you are always connected, if there’s a problem you can be immediately notified and proactive in finding a solution to the problem such as the phone is broken or domestic trouble. The mentality for owning a cell phone especially for the parents of the first generations to see a cell phone see it as being useful to have in an emergency-type situation. If you were to get into a car accident or witness a crime you would have the ability to call for help right away.” If there's an emergency and you need to reach your kid, you'll be kicking yourself for not having gotten him one”(Knorr 2012) Due to that ability cell phones carry with them a certain sense of security, people feel protected by having their cell phones with them at all times. Contrary to that, sometimes constant connectivity...

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