The Cultural Shock That Students Face When They Study Abroad

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In this paper, I am trying to discuss the culture shock that people who study abroad face, or when they go to different cities. Culture shock refers to ‘‘the difficulties that you experience as you integrate into a new society’’ UCI Study Abroad Center. (n.d.). In my class I learned that there are many differences between cultures. These differences can be the reasons why people have a culture shock. For example, I had a culture shock first when I came to the U.S for study. My culture shock was because the relationship between men and women which is really different with my country. In Saudi Arabia the men cannot have a close relationship with women, which is okay here in the U.S. The student might have culture shock when they first came to the new cities, however sometimes the student might adjust fast with the new culture. Sometimes students don’t need face culture shocks because there are many similarities between there own culture and the culture of new place where they to study. I asked my participant about their experience with culture shock, and I asked them if they have way to avoid the culture shock based on their experience.

What are Cultural Differences?
“We are surrounded by elements in our own culture which influence who we are and how we relate to the world. Since we have grown up with this culture, we are comfortable in it and sometimes unaware of the characteristics of our culture until confronted with contradicting ideas. Our values and attitudes about who we are and how things should be have been shaped by our experiences in our native culture.” (Dealing With Culture Shock - Study Abroad, University of Illinois. (n.d.)).

How to avoid culture shock?
There are many ways to avoid cultural shock and I will mention it as point.
1- Read as much as possible about the culture of the new city, which the student decides to study.
2- Talk with International student and ask them about the shock that they have with this culture and how to avoid it.
3- Ask international office about advisory and recommended.


1- What are the problems that you faced when you came to study at USU first?
2- Is there many difference between your culture and the U.S culture?
3- Do you think it is hard to adjust to the U.S culture?
4- What is the benefit of study abroad?

My participants are a student who came to the U.S for study. I asked Yazzed from Saudi Arabia, who came to the U.S to study Aviation one year ago, and Ailed who have a two citizens, which are American and Mexican, she came to USU to study international economy. The third participant is Abdulaziz from Qatar who came to study Finance in Los Angles. I asked my participant face to face by meeting them in the coffee shop.

Yazzed Saudi Student
Yazzed he is a Saudi student who came to the U.S last year by scholarship...

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