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The Culture Of Ukraine Rather Juvenile Investigation Into The Beliefs And Customs Of The People Of The Ukraine.

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The Culture ofUkraineThe Ukrainian people have made a spirited effort to preservetheir cultural heritage. There are several outdoor museum villageswhich display buildings, craft, and living conditions of the pastcentury. Folk dancing and music festivals are often held withtraditional, regional music and costumes.The theater scene in Ukraine is pretty lively. Performancesare mostly in Russian or Ukrainian. The Kyiv Opera House is thehome to many opera and ballet companies of considerable talentand with extensive repertoires. Government subsidies make operaand theater broadcasts less expensive. The Kyiv PhilharmonicConcert Hall, a nineteenth century church with a pipe organ, andthe Kyiv Opera House have a scheduled program that includesperformances by the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.Ukrainian contemporary art includes painting and sculpturein a wide range of both experimental and traditional styles. note:Are you noticing that, like practically every other cultural report,this paper is giving you the impression that, if you didn't knowany better, Ukraine would still be in the eighteenth century, and Idon't remember any ugly municipal parking garages in theeighteenth century, and therefore this paper is not entirelyaccurate. Icons and folk arts are portrayed in museums, andcontemporary versions are skillfully done and can be purchased inart galleries and shops. There are several art museums in Kyiv aswell as a Kyivian history museum. There are house museumscontaining Ukrainian and European art. The former LeanMuseum, now referred to as the Ukrainian National House, usesits exhibition space to display numerous small exhibits. In additionto art, many museums have collections and exhibits on botany,zoology, geology, archaeology, and aerospace. How the Ukrainiangovernment fits approximately fifty-three million people in withall those museums and concert halls is a great demographicmiracle.Eleven years of schooling are mandatory in Ukraine, so thesecondary school system is a matter for the government. Schoolsare state run, (Of course they're state run. Did you ever see agovernment program that was privately run?) and deviation fromthe curriculum established by the Ministry of Education isfrowned upon. The objective of the secondary schools is to givestudents a good knowledge of the fundaments of the arts andsciences, as well as to teach them to use these fundamentsproperly.Students begin schooling at age six. Because there are...

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