Biography Of Marie And Pierre Curie

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After doing some research over Marie and Pierre Curie I was able to put together this paper. This paper contains information about the life of Pierre and Marie Curie and their significance to physics and science in general. Pierre and Marie Curie are best known for their pioneering work in the study of radioactivity. The couple’s work led to their discovery of the elements radium and polonium (Dick).
Pierre Curie was born on May 15, 1859. He was born in Paris, France. Pierre’s parents were Eugene Curie and Sophie-Claire Depoully Curie. Pierre had one older brother, Jacques Curie. Eugene was a scientist who gave up his dreams of a scientific career in order to support the needs of his family. It was through his medical practice that enough money was brought in for the Curie’s to live a modest lifestyle. Sophie-Claire Depoully came from a family of manufacturers (Bailey).
Pierre’s family lived in simple circumstances, but due to their closeness and affection, they were happy. Jacques and Pierre were especially close, and the two brothers spent most of their time together (Bailey).
Pierre was educated at home by his brother and his parents. Some would have considered Pierre slow, but his father believed that he was simply reflective and independent. Eugene realized that Pierre was capable of intense concentration, but easily distracted. Most of Pierre’s free time was spent outside in the woods. Often times he even brought home specimens of minerals, flora and fauna (Bailey).
At the age of fourteen, Pierre was given a private tutor. This tutor discovered Pierre’s great interest in mathematics and physics. At age sixteen, Pierre earned his bachelor’s degree. He received his licentiate in physics by age eighteen. Unfortunately, by age nineteen Pierre had to drop out of the university to earn a living. For five years he worked as demonstrator in the physics laboratory of the University of Paris (Bailey).
Pierre’s brother, Jacques, also worked at the same university. Jacques was working as a demonstrator in the mineralogy lab, while Pierre worked in the Physics laboratory. Unsurprisingly, the two brothers began to experiment together. Their work led to the discovery of piezoelectricity which is the electric polarization caused by compression or expansion of crystals in a specific direction (Bailey).
The brothers conducted more experiments to further study the new phenomenon. They also learned that crystals are compressed when an electric field is applied. Alternating currents could make the crystals vibrate at high ultrahigh frequencies. Today’s sound equipment is based in this phenomenon. The piezoelectric quartz balance was invented by Pierre and Jacques. Their invention made the way for modern quartz watches and radio transmitters (Bailey).
Years later Pierre took up a new job at the School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry in Paris. When Pierre first started teaching he...

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