The Current State Of Primary Education Is Deteriorating

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Today’s Education
In the 21st century when technology is advancing and the world is leaping forward. The current state of primary education is deteriorating, and higher education is moving forward. I feel that school education has become more of load than a learning experience. While at the same time with the help of technology, higher education has become fun-filled experience. In this neck to neck competition in the world, it is hard to find a right career, I believe education plays a key role, and today's education is what defines career path. There is a great hope for the future improvement in the education system as well.
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If this continues, poor cannot stand to dream about the higher education.
While there are so many problems, something good also comes out of this education system. Because of the advancement in technology and incorporation of a new trend, the higher education has become a good learning practice. With the help of iPad, laptops, projectors and other such implements, it has become more exciting, interested and graphical. It’s not only easier for a teacher to explain, but also for students to learn and understand. We can use sites on Google for just about anything!
Though the education is costly, there is a funding and scholarship option such as financial aid and state aid that benefit the one who deserves it. People with right knowledge and caliber can study by scholarship and meet their goals. The higher education is also very practical. Students not only learn, they get to carry out that knowledge in real life. Internship programs and part- time summer jobs give a handful experience while studying.
Also, in today’s education, the career path is flexible...

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