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“The Current Status Of E911 Implementation For Vo Ip Systems”

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"The Current Status of E911Implementation for VoIP Systems"One of the very first things that parents and educators teach children to do after learning how to use the phone, is how to dial 911 for emergency assistance. Children that are barely able to babble to their grandparents over the phone are sufficient and capable of dialing 911 in the event that their parents are unable to do the same. The purpose of having a dedicated phone number linked to emergency service centers all over the nation is to provide a uniform manner of quickly accessing police, rescue and fire teams in the event of an emergency. According to the FCC, 911 services began in 1965 and have been spreading across the country since then. (1) These services are available on most hard-wire and non-wire telephones with most areas offering what is called enhanced 911 or E911. The enhanced version of 911 offers the capability of delivering a physical address and call back number for the phone that initially dialed emergency services. This enhanced service allows emergency personnel to locate and thereby assist callers in need should the original call become disconnected. A large gap in 911 accessibility has been recognized in the VoIP or voice over Internet protocol area of telephony.The Importance of 911According to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), by the late 1960s the need for a universal emergency number was recognized. This recognition led the National Association of Fire Chiefs to recommend a single number for use in fire emergencies. Then AT&T was brought on board into communication with the FCC to determine a single never-before-used number to implement as a universal emergency code. The decided upon number was 9-1-1. This number was not only short, easy to remember, and recognizable, it had also never been assigned as an area code or for any other regular telephony reason.Implementation of the universal emergency number took place through the late sixties and then by 1973 the White House officially recognized 911 as an important part of a stable American society. Plans were put in place in order to assist local governments and planning agencies as they attempted to implement 911 in their local areas. This is not to say that local emergency numbers did not exist before 911, they did but they were longer seven digit numbers that did not necessarily have the support and logistics of the 911 system. By 1976, 911 emergency services were available to approximately seventeen percent of the population. By 1979 that number had grown to twenty-six percent, with half of the nation being covered by 1987. By the end of the century nearly ninety-three percent of the population was covered by 911, ninety-five percent of that coverage was E911. Also, giving 911 an international stature, Canada also adopted the method of reporting and responding to emergency situations.VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol is a new way to use traditional phones. Essentially, VoIP is a service...

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