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The Curse Of Artemis Essay

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“You have an invisibility cloak Harry,” Ron let the words linger.
Harry’s hands fell to the table in shock. “I left it in my trunk…” he whispered.
“Actually Harry,” Hermione placed the bag she’d been wearing to the wedding on the table. “I packed it in my bag… sorry for going through your things.” Her bag expanded and she pulled out his cloak as well as other items for the three of them.
“But you didn’t think to bring any food?” Ron questioned, folding one of his jumpers.
“I guess eating didn’t cross anyone’s mind.” Harry sorted his own clothes into a pile. “But a tent and healing supplies. She thought further ahead then we did.” Harry nudged Ron.
Ron picked up a bottle, “Dittany,” he ...view middle of the document...

” He stumbled from the room, relying on his memory of the house to get him to his room.
The last time he had been here, it had been after Sirius’ death, and at that time Harry had shared a room with Ron, ignoring the fact that Sirius had given him his own room. Blindly feeling his way up the stairs Harry remembered the day Sirius had given it to him, broken up with noises of Voldemort torturing his followers.
“I know it’ll be a while before my name is cleared and all and I’m sorry you’ll have to go back to the Dursley’s until you’re seventeen. But maybe after you’ve come of age, you might consider…I mean as one of your options…” Sirius had blushed, uncharacteristically shy.
Harry stumbled against the door frame, his mind struggling against the onslaught from Voldemort.
“Of course I’ll move in with you.” Harry smiled at the man, hugging him around the neck.
“I thought this might be your room, here.” Sirius pulled his hand, wrapping it around the door handle. Harry felt tingling, his palm growing warm. “There, now no one but you and I can get in.”
Harry had stared at the door; overwhelmed by the feeling he had somewhere to come back to.
“Get a move on Potter, the Order is not here to chauffeur you around. Black, left behind while others fight your battles I see?” Snape interrupted the moment, undermining the importance of it.
Harry ignored the past, stumbling into his room, kicking the door shut behind him.
Voldemort was in an old house, the two Death Eaters from earlier already passed out and bloody on the floor. It was Greyback the mad man focused on. The werewolf was facing his Lord proudly, despite defying a direct order.
“You were supposed to capture him! Not let him escape!” The curse caught Greyback on the shoulder, burning away skin. “What use are you creatures if you cannot even follow orders? Where is your loyalty werewolf?”
Blue eyes grew angry but he didn’t answer, instead choosing to growl at the wizard.
Harry scanned the assembled party, searching out some sign of Severus,...

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