The Curse Of The Great Bambino.

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People from New England always seem to be the most noticeable at baseball games because of their undying love and support for our team the Boston Red Sox. Every year all of the fans are at Fenway rooting and cheering for their home team in hopes that what many people think is a curse will finally be over. While some people don't believe in this curse others are firm believers that former player Babe Ruth placed a curse on the Red Sox after he was traded to the New York Yankees in 1918. Every year since 1918 the Red Sox somehow start off really well only to lose the most vital games. Is it a coincidence? Or is it the curse of the great bambino? After so many years of bad luck fans are looking for ways to break this curse and have gone to outrageous extents to do so.There is one story in particular in which Babe Ruth was allegedly vacationing in Sudbury, mass in the winter of 1918. He was having a party outside when he dragged out the piano from his cottage that his wife often played to entertain the children and dumped it into Willis Pond. This was common back then since New England winters are so brutal that sometimes the pond would freeze 18 inches in depth and people would make bets on whether or not heavy objects would sink. Well, the piano sank and the Red Sox did too. Some people believe that if the piano is taken out of the pond the curse will be lifted and the state of Massachusetts has actually made licensing available for those who want to try to get the piano onto shore. Recently, the "Restoration Project" which is a program for the mentally ill in Acton, Mass has offered to fund the exhumation of the great Bambino's long lost piano.This past summer, a mountain climber and avid red sox fan named Paul Giorgio climbed Mount Everest and placed a red sox cap at the top of the mountain in hopes of lifting the curse of the great bambino. Just as a precaution though he consulted with a Tibetan lama and burned a Yankees cap as a sacrifice after he descended.Another fan who preferred to be anonymous tried his hand at lifting the curse by driving down Storrow drive, which is a narrow and dangerous road in Boston notorious for its sudden turns and high speeding cars, and actually changed the road sign leading to Fenway Park that said "Reverse Curve Ahead" to "Reverse Curse Ahead". Technically in order for this man to have done this, he would have had to dodge on coming traffic and climb down an embankment risking getting run over by a high speed moving vehicle or breaking his neck in a fall.Other fans think that changing Fenway Park will lift the...

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