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The Cyber Nation Influence And Effect Cdsl Essay

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Before this book ends, it needs to come to grips with a final, allpervasive
issue: namely, ways for doing theology or, to put this more
solemnly, theological method. Obviously the given style and method
will have an impact on how anyone develops systematic theology,
moral theology, and other branches of theology. As a basic, foundational
issue, theological method belongs to the themes that fundamental
theologians should tackle. Any rethinking of fundamental
theology would not be a finished thing unless it takes a stand on
styles and methods of theology in general.1
1 This first way of doing theology characteristically finds its sources
in the writings from the past: in the Bible; in the works of Greek,
Latin, and Syrian fathers; in church documents; in the texts of
medieval and Reformation theologians; and in other traditional
texts that indicate how Christians, with various degrees of authority,
have understood and interpreted the data of revelation. In their
passion for truth, the protagonists of this style of theology take up
dialogue and debate with their intellectual contemporaries. Yet the
normative voices and texts generally remain those of the past.
2 . Theology studies what in the last resort can only be lived. Hence a
desire to promote justice and the common good shapes a second style,
best exemplified by liberation theology. It is a practical way of doing
theology, concerned to struggle against the massive injustice found
everywhere and to change the world. It regularly asks itself: what does
our theology lead us to do or leave undone?While it aims to stimulate,
interpret, and critique action in the present, this style of theology also
bears witness to a Jewish-Christian tradition that reaches back to the
history of ancient Israel and the prophetic denunciation of social evil
and oppression. It draws inspiration from Jesus’ solidarity with the
marginalized and outsiders of his society.
This kind of theology thrives on contact with the poor and powerless:
the Christian poor of Latin America, the non-Christian poor of Africa,
India, and elsewhere, and the disintegrating victims of Western consumer
societies. The second style of theology encourages us to consult
the poor and the suffering in matters of faith, doctrine, and morality.
Reading such outstanding liberation theologians asGustavoGutierrez
and Jon Sobrino indicates their respect for the normative voices of the
past: above all, the Scriptures and official church teaching. Nevertheless,
this style of theology typically looks to the contemporary situation: in
particular, to the millions of victimized non-persons of our world. Its
primary locus theologicus is found in the suffering people of today.
3 . Prayer and worship form the context for the third style of
theology which finds its classic home in Eastern Christianity.3 Instead
of being naturally located in a university (the first style) or in a poor barrio (the second style), this third style works out of the setting of


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