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The Cycle Of Destruction And Redemption

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The Cycle of Destruction and RedemptionIn our world where crime is becoming a way of life, how do we seize to believe that true happiness is still achievable? The Shakespearean play, The Tempest, embodies that despite the wrongdoings committed by humans, a small act of forgiveness is key to happiness and tranquillity. The play is a perfect representation of everyday struggles that humans go through and therefore can relate to. In it we experience a process that is fairly familiar to everyone as the characters go through the same shortcomings, obstacles and redemptions that we all face at some point in our lives. Even in my own life, I have personally known this cycle as I conflicted with my good friend Tracy. In this journey, we have let our pride take over and nearly break our friendship but we both pulled through and set our hatred aside. The main theme of the play relates to all humans in a sense that it illustrates the different sides of each one through the actions that we have all experienced before. As the play focuses on the themes betrayal, revenge and forgiveness, the process of regaining pure euphoria through acceptance reveals itself and proves that the main theme of the play is universal.Betrayal takes different forms in our society today. Even in the smallest of actions, the power of deception has taken over the world that we once knew with feelings of pride and jealousy. Influencing actions that vary from corruption to false statements, these emotions have misled humans to a distorted view of ambition which would inevitably result to disorder in their lives. In the early scenes of the Shakespearean play, The Tempest, the theme betrayal is illustrated in Alonso's pursuit to steal the dukedom of Milan from his brother, Prospero, by taking advantage of his preoccupation and banishing him and his daughter to an unknown island. In his own words, Prospero described his brother's deeds to his daughter, Miranda, as "like one who having into truth, by telling of it, made such a sinner of his memory to credit his own lie" (1.2.99-102). Fueled by his drive for power and control, Alonso was successfully named the duke of Milan. Little did he know that his actions would lead him to a tempest just waiting to strike. Similarly in my own life, there have been times where I have been overthrown by the tempest. Who would have known that as I sat next to a girl named Tracy in my grade nine geography class, I was welcoming a challenge that was in itself a great struggle of competitiveness and disloyalty. Though we have always been good friends, it became a constant conflict for Tracy and me to compete with our marks. On one of our assignments, we did our usual habit of sharing ideas and critiquing each other's work, like we always did for past projects. But quite unexpectedly, I realized that, as Tracy was presenting her assignment, she has written and presented it to match my own. To avoid getting both of us into trouble, I chose the only option I...

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