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The Cycle Of Technology Integration Essay

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The Cycle of Technology Integration

The cycle of technology integration begins with planning, investigation, and experimentation. Schools go through an initial stage of planning and experimentation in which a few educators begin using technology in new ways. Then, these individuals become technology proponents. The next step in the cycle of technology integration is initial capital investments. This allows the department to determine the value of technology necessary in the schools. The ideal situation would be to have a computer in every classroom and have all of the teachers and students know and understand how to use it and receive a better education due to the technological advancements in the classrooms. After all of the costs are determined, readjustments are made. Technology Integration is a learned process requiring schools to continually re-figure their investments and methods of teaching with technology in schools. It allows the school to know how much money they have and what they will need. After the readjusting process, new work and organizational models are created. Technology integration allows for students to greatly benefit. It allows for collaborative learning to take place with students peers and improves ones performance academically. In the United States today, most schools are currently in the first two stages of the process of technology integration (CEO 2000).

Technology Innovations

Technology Integration can truly only occur once the technology has been created. Film, radio, and the television were a few of the first ever created technologies in the world. In 1920, the first radio was created. This was just the beginning of the technological boom in America, which is quickly growing towards technology integration within the classroom. The 1940s quickly cultivated because of the first movie production. The first television was created in the 1950s, which is another important technological advancement. The biggest invention yet, the personal computer, were created in the 1980s. The creation of the Internet took place in 1993 and today is the fastest way of communication. All of these technological advancements have been used to help integrate American classrooms today. Teachers have begun to teach online courses, communicate with their students via e-mail, give online assignments, and so much more.

Computers today are a necessity for educational purposes. A computer should be placed in every classroom, but unfortunately not every school can currently afford to integrate all of its classrooms. Many teachers who are currently using technology find that it can help them to improve student learning while increasing children’s motivation to learn. It caters to children’s various learning styles and their special needs.
Integrating the classroom also permits students to be exposed to a wider array of information and more professionals in the field. One thing that is for sure is that new...

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