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The Damages Of Cheating Essay

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The Damages of Cheating

There are many meanings of the word cheat the meaning that sticks out the most to me is, to be unfaithful to somebody, to have a sexual relationship with somebody other than a spouse or regular sexual partner says MS Encarta. Relationships end everyday due to cheating and the emotional scares of cheating or being cheated on can stay with a person forever. Not only does cheating effect the person that has been cheated on, but it also affects the cheater, friends, and family members as well.
I personally learned about cheating at a very young age when my parents got divorced. Being only four years old when my parents first split up it was hard for me to understand why my father was not around anymore, but going to see him every other weekend at a new house with a new woman, I quickly learned. As I got older I gained even more of an understanding about what cheating really meant. By my father sleeping with another women he had betrayed a sacred trust between my mothers and he, setting a great example for me to fully understand about cheating. When you cheat on another person not only do you disrespect them, you also disrespect yourself by throwing your word, credibility, and ability to be trusted right out the window. To some people cheating is a way of life and by mentally diluting them self they feel it is ok, and that it is no big deal. The problem with being unfaithful is that even though you are deceiving someone else, the person you are deceiving the most is yourself. If you consistently lie about your feelings, you start to believe your lies, causing you not to know what your true feelings. When a person lies to himself or herself it makes it easier for them to lie to others and by lying to other makes them more worthless then the ashes from a cigarette.
When you are a person that is cheated on, it is by far one of the worst experiences that a person can go through. First you have more anger then you know what to do with, all you want to do is go crazy. Anger quickly turns into depression; your...

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