The Dancer's Gift And Sociology Essay

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“The Dancer’s gift” is a love story between a young man and woman, Marcel and Samantha. But this novel was written not only to call feelings about love and passion; the main goal was to introduce students to sociological concepts. Overall, the book includes more than 180 sociological terms that flow with the story and closely connected to happening events. Marcel, a black man, arrives from Martinique (an island in the Caribbean Sea), and Samantha, a rich American girl, meet each other in college and fall in love. Both of them face obstacles in their lives: Marcel was grown up in a poor extended but a friendly family, while Samantha was a daughter of rich but divorced parents. Marcel comes to the U.S. to become a professional dancer, while Sam decided to become an attorney at law just like her father. Being lovers they decide to spend their Christmas holidays together and go to New York. Next holidays they go to Marcel’s homeland, Martinique, where they realize that there lives a woman who is pregnant by him. At that time all dreams of Sam just collapse due to this bitter disappointment, which becomes one of the reasons why they break up. Throughout the story, they both meet with numerous social issues such as education, marriage, gender issue, racism, deviance, divorce, religion, race and ethnicity. In this essay, the three main reasons why this novel is an effective tool for learning sociological concepts will be discussed.
First of all, it was extremely easy to learn sociological terms since the definitions of which were written right after the use. For instance, in chapter nine, when Marcel and Samantha just arrived to Martinique, she was wondered whether his family was a blended family or extended family. At first, it is not immediately understandable what the difference is between those meanings until you read the definitions provided below. According to the text, “the blended family is a family created when two individuals marry and at least one of them brings children from a previous marriage or relationship into the new marriage”, and “the extended family consists of one or both parents, children (if any), and other relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins” (Kennedy et al. 2003: 149). In chapter ten, Martinique understands that in the U.S. he is in minority group, and some people have prejudices, while others discriminate him and treat unfairly since he is black (Kennedy et al. 2003: 180-181) . In chapter eight, where their fellow-member of course was held in a “sect”, called the Kingdom of love, it is described as “… the materialism and secularization of our society, it’s supposed to be a heaven of sacred truth and love in a profane world” (Kennedy et al. 2003: 130). Again, firstly it does not make sense, and...

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