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The Dangerous Situation In Iran Essay

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Following the 2009 Iranian election, the government of Iran said that they won. However, the Iranian people seem to have a very different view of who won and have went to the streets to protest. Instead of providing the evidence of the win, the Iran government is flat out fighting its own people in defiance. The government needs to listen to its own people and accept that it is time for change. But of course they won’t. They even justify murder in order to keep their own power. Dictatorship sticks personal army on them, beating, shooting and arresting political prisoners. They would shut down all foreign media, trying to control all media and information getting out of the country. And the government also can try to control protesters getting information to each other. But Iranians can get around censors through use of internet, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Dictatorships have gotten away with this before, but can't because people can document human rights abuses with the use of cellphones and computers and laptops, exposing the corruption and abuse of the Iranian government - everyone is a journalist. And the rest of the world who is also connected via TV, internet etc. can know all about it (Allen). We should care about Iran because religious expressions, women rights, beatings and torture is happening all the time in Iran.
In Iran, one of their human rights that they violate is that they have really strong religious expressions and beliefs, and not letting other religions be practiced. Ramadan is an especially holy time for Muslims. The entire month is taken up by various festive events and various fasting. Breaking ones fast during Ramadan days is treated very harshly. In Iran, it cost a 14-year-old boy his life because he broke the fast. The Iran Press News said that the boy received 80 or more lashes for breaking the fast and died shortly afterwards. The boy’s identity has not yet been disclosed. He was supposed to go for burial on Saturday, November 13th, which is after 3 days at local morgue. However due to the publics’ notice of the event that surrounding the boy’s space, the cemetery was crowded (in protest) and his burial did not happen. Nobody knew if whether people were there because they were mad at the boy and did not want him buried there. Or if they were angry at the boy being killed for his infraction and were attacking the abuse of the whole idea (Cline). Considering how bad a mob mentality could get we can’t exclude the possibility. Children are not usually expected to fast, and if someone finds it difficult to fast and it becomes dangerous to their health for them to continue doing so. Videos and reports of protesting students in Iran have got a hold on of the mental imagery of many in the West, but it is important to note that they are not simply protesting the control that religious leadership have in Iran. They are, in addition, upset over the extensive corruption of holy leaders. Eventually, the strong power that...

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