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The Dangers And Implications Of Distracted Driving

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A lot of drivers that have alcohol in their blood don’t appear this way. Statistics have shown that even the tiniest amount of alcohol can influence the way you drive. As more people understand the many behaviors that can become aggressive and see their own behavior, they can become adapted to safer driving practices and manage risk more effectively. Many people believe that drinking and driving or texting and driving is okay if nobody gets hurt, well they’re wrong. Almost every time an accident happens that involves alcohol or dangerously using the phone, somebody gets hurt, and I am wanting to prove my statement.
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One can of beer can raise a drinkers BAC just as much as a simple glass of wine (Knox). It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you drink, it can still raise your BAC. People tend to misbelieve that beer is not as likely to cause drunkenness compared to something that has more alcohol. Beer is the most common drink consumed by people stopped for drinking and driving or people in alcohol related crashes (Gerdes). Beer can have the same effect on people as any other kind of alcohol, but beer is the most common for people to drink.
There are so many people that die a day or that even die a year due to alcohol being involved in car accidents. Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for 15 to 20 year olds (Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility). Many people die a day due to alcohol related crashes, that its still the leading cause of death. Automobile crashes with alcohol involved take about 42,000 lives a each year (Gerdes). Alcohol can be very effective when it comes to getting in a car while intoxicated. More than 10,000 people die in car accidents a year. 19% of 16-19 year olds died in car accidents in 2011 (Teens Against Drunk Driving). Most of our teenagers are dying due to car accidents that involve alcohol, even a lot of adults are dying due to this issue. Almost 30 people die a day due to alcohol related crashes, and 422 teens die each month. The annual cost for each of these crashes is $51 billion dollars. Alcohol related crashes kill more than 180 children under the age of 14 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The yearly cost for alcohol being involved with crashes cost a lot of money, and most people don’t realize that. The cost for automobile crashes are extremely high. Economic cost is about $169 billion, Lost Productivity is about $42 billion, Property Damage cost about $52 billion, and other crash-related cost is about $37 billion (Gerdes). The overall cost for these car wrecks are expensive and very dangerous. Drunk Driving costs the U.S. $132 billion a year. In Arkansas drunk driving fatalities is $643 million in 2012 (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). The U.S is spending too much money on drinking and driving crashes, when they could spend it on something that will improve our environment.
Dangerous drivers tend to race, tailgate, ignore traffic signs, and try to text and drive. Speeding is one of the most common aggressive behaviors (Foundation for Traffic Safety). Most people don’t realize how dangerous it is to do anything besides drive while driving. The top factors that lead to teen driving fatalities are driving at night, distractions in the vehicle (like other people or cell phones), driving at high speeds, not wearing a seatbelt, and the use of alcohol (Teens Against Drunk Driving). Doing all of these things are very distractive to the driver and can cause serious damage if done. Aggressive driving has caused more than half of all traffic wrecks. Half of all drivers admit to exceeding...

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