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The Dangers Of Human Cloning Essay

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“Cloning is great if God made the original then making copies should be fine” (Doug Coupland).But many religious don't consider cloning just fine like Doug those. Cloning is the act of making a person thought genetic engineered instead of a natural process. The debate whether scientists are “playing God” has probably never been more real than now. Scientist advances have shaken religious beliefs to their roots repeatedly through the ages, but as much as religious leaders want to push scientists to think more about the morality of their work, scientists are pushing religious leaders back to the basic tenets of

their faiths. Religion beliefs are the main reason for their opposition against cloning . many americans pride themselves on developing their own opinions rather than consulting religious dogma “ key decisions on cloning are much more likely to be made in the house of representatives than in the house, “religion is among the more powerful offspring that shape attitudes toward human cloning ” . As science moves forward the challenge to religion increases. “human cloning threats human being as products “ O'Malley said on behalf of the bishops . “manufactured to order to suit other peoples wishes, a technical advanced in human cloning is not progress for humanity but its opposite ”. Many Christian experts specially Catholic bioethicists who believe life begins at conception object to the destruction of human embryos for many purposes . God created man and woman he instituted marriage for their mutual benefit and for the procreation of children God told adam and eve to “be fruitful and increase in number fill the earth and subdue it.” This evidence is explaining that cloning has developed stronger over the years making religious views increase against cloning. Also religious bases on the bible and how cloning is coming against it. Cloning causes religions controversial issues in society.
Cloning is a controversial issue with the catholic religion The catholic church has the highest regard for human life and human dignity from the beginning of life and conception until natural death . What this is trying to say is that catholics think cloning a body is breaking a rule with God humans should be created with love by other humans not in a laboratory . however scientist decided to make it , when a child is born some look like the dad or the mother or who knows the grandma but not because they took all of the things they don't like and throw it out they accept their son or daughter however it comes out , by the act of cloning is making this child perfect not unique at all because they are like scientists are making then , which catholics don't consider a human. One of the major problem is that cloning has many side effects , after the clone will be created it problems in social and personal develop. Catholics say”why bring someone to life if is just to suffer “. it will cause the two people to have problems and differences between...

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