The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation Essay

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The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation consumes people all over the world on a regular basis. But what causes sleep deprivation? What are the consequences of being sleep deprived? And how can the poor tormented sleepy people all over the world get a good night’s rest? Let’s explore the exhausted world of sleep deprivation.
There are many reasons a person can be sleep deprived. They may not be able to get sleep due to their particular situation or they may have a sleep disorder. An example of a situation that may cause a person to be sleep deprived is that they are too busy to sleep. Many people have an overwhelming schedule but they do what they have to do in order to survive. Parents and college students are such people with overwhelming schedules. Then there are sleep disorders. Just a few disorders that cause sleep deprivations are dysomnias, parasomnias, and medical or psychiatric disorders.
A dysomnia is a sleep disorder that can make it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. There are also different types of dysomnias. There is intrinsic, extrinsic and circadian rhythm (Dement 511). An intrinsic sleep disorders is just one of the dysomnia classification. Intrinsic sleep disorders are caused by something within the body. An example of an intrinsic disorder is narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a fairly well known sleep disorder. A typical narcoleptic will be inordinately sleep, have irregular REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, instantaneous muscle weakness also known a cataplexy, hallucinations and difficulty sleeping at night (Dement 512). Julia, a narcoleptic, had experienced those symptoms several times before. Once, her children were in the car. She had fallen asleep at the wheel and turned the car on its roof. Her five year old son unbuckled him self and was just frightened not injured. Her two-year-old daughter was still safe in her car seat (Caldwell 140-141). Another intrinsic sleep disorder is sleep apnea. While narcoleptics suffer from sleep “seizures,” sleep apnea patients have difficulty breathing while they sleep. Some sleep apnea patients become so relaxed it that their throat collapses and their airways close. As was the case with a man name John. John would relax and go into a deep sleep. His airway passage would close because his tongue had fallen to the back of his throat. Thus choking him and enabling his capability to breathe. Those patients are known to have obstructed airway sleep apnea (Dement 513). Then there are those who just simply don’t breathe. Those patients are known to have central sleep apnea. Those sleep apnea patients may have several episodes where their breathing just stops because their brain forgets to pull air into the lungs (Dement 513). After several losses of air episodes all sleep apnea patients have difficulty going back to sleep. Sleep apnea also causes people to snore very loudly people at the highest risk for sleep apnea is obese men.
Extrinsic sleep disorders...

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