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The Dangers Of Underage Drinking Essay

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Teens under the legal minimum age of alcohol should not drink, nor should it be lowered. Researchers say that giving alcoholic beverages under 21 could create a lethal addiction and would not have the responsibility to drink. If teens drink a certain amount of alcohol it could be lethal by alcohol poisoning. “Alcohol can enter the blood stream; binge drinkers can ingest a fatal dose of alcohol before passing out.” (“Binge Drinking Can Be Fatal”). The legal minimum age should not be lowered, teens under 21 don’t have the responsibility to get intoxicated and those include car accidents, homicides, suicides, and other injuries. I’m going to tell you why minors should not drink, how alcoholic ...view middle of the document...

Drinking alcohol is not as fun as it seems, after, you look at the affects you get after not watching the dose of alcohol you drink. These are the main reasons why I oppose drinking under 21.
This next paragraph shows you how alcohol could affect your body and why you should not drink especially underage. First of all, alcohol is a depressant, in other words it controls how slow your body functions. It could alter with a person’s movement, emotions, and vision. Alcohol impedes messages that your brain is trying to receive. You are more relaxed depending on how much you drink. The more you drink the more intoxicated you are and the more sick feeling you could get. Depending on the person, you could either be an angry, friendly or maybe a sad drunk, making you act not yourself. When you drink, you react to things slower, that’s why people should not drive intoxicated. Consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time can have a result of alcohol poisoning; the first symptom is usually vomiting. Resulting more symptoms such as extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing, low blood sugar, unconsciousness, or even death. Furthermore, there are aftereffects, known as a hangover, in other terms, it’s what happens after heavy drinking. An alcohol withdrawal can usually happen after just four or five drinks to get a hangover, which typically happens several hours after your last drink. These symptoms include headaches, nausea, fatigue, muscle pain, or mild anxiety. “When teenagers do use alcohol they may not just be affecting their brain for that night or weekend, but for the next 80 years of their life.” (“Henry Wechsler, PhD and Bernice Wuethrich”).
The legal minimum drinking age should not be lowered if that it should be raised because teens under 21 one are not at the helm of “getting drink” quite a few adults, 21 and over, can’t even handle their alcohol so for the time being it should be raised. Each year, thousands of young people underage die from not controlling their alcohol; this includes car accidents, homicides, and suicides. There are hundreds of them that have injured themselves by drowning, falling, and/or burning. Drinking at an early age can impact your body and your brain even at 21, because you are still growing and drinking under the age limit will mutilate that....

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