The Dare Game I Met Sissy And Jan My Freshman

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The Dare Game I met Sissy and Jan my freshman year in high school. I came from the poor section of town. Both of my parents worked but with four girls to raise there was never enough money to go around. I knew early on that I needed an education to get any where and when I found out that the a private school in town was giving out scholarships I went for it. I was luckily enough to get one. Being poor and going to school with a bunch of rich kids did not make me the most popular girl in school. The first week at school my science teacher had everyone pick out two lab partners to work together during the year. He allowed everyone to pick out whom they wanted to work with. . Everyone got up and got in to groups of three leaving me alone, as no one wanted to work with the new poor girl. I was beginning to feel sorry for myself when I saw two girls come over to where I was sitting. One was a very pretty blonde who by the time we graduated would be a beautiful young lady. The other was a tall slim girl with brown hair. The pretty one introduced herself as Sissy and the slim one as Jan. They asked me if I wanted to work with them and I of course said yes, being relieved that I had someone to work with. They quickly made me their friend. They did not care that I was poor and where ever they went the made sure to invite me. Both of them came from wealthy families but never did they flaunt their money. When we went to the mall they always bought me something knowing that I could not afford to buy it myself. At first I was uncomfortable about taking stuff from them but I quickly learned that they were going to give it to me whether I liked it or not. My parents did not like it either but they realized that they could never provide these things for me. Plus as I grew out of the clothes my sisters got them so it worked out for every one in the end. On my sister's birthdays they always took them shopping allowing them to but whatever they wanted, so my sisters never resented me and they of course loved my two new friends. Like I said we did every thing together so when my mom made me get a summer job after my junior year, Sissy and Jan got one with me at the same place. We all brought something to the friendship. Sissy being the pretty one got invited to all the parties and of course would not attend without Jan and I. Jan was the smart one and she helped Sissy and I on the hard courses. Me being the oldest of four girls was the talker and stood up for myself, being poor did not mean being meek. Both Sissy and Jan were quiet and unassuming. I got them to be more outgoing and they refined my rough edges. After graduating high school we worked and spent our free time down at the lake. We ended up deciding on attending different colleges. Sissy and Jan going to the private colleges that their parents went to and I to the State University as that is where I was offered a scholarship. So the last week before school we decided to spend at Sissy's parent's summer...

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