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Liam ran out the door, searching everywhere for his younger brother. He searched from sunrise to sunset in vain. He contacted the royal guard to search for his brother, without success.
Liam finally retuned home, completely spent. His body was terribly sore from the constant running, climbing, ducking, and jumping. He could barely hold himself up. He slumped into the chair that was slightly pulled out from the table and put his head in his hands.
“No luck?” his mother asked. Liam just shook his head. “Are you sure you checked everywhere in the city?”
“Every nook and cranny,” Liam answered.
In the same moment, Natasha came barging through the door saying, “I came over as soon as I heard. Oh you seem to be looking better.” she said motioning toward Liam.
“Thank you but I’m not really sure I’m concerned about how I’m doing at this point. Do you have any idea where he might be?”
“That’s what I came over here to tell you. I’m thinking he’s at the barn.”
“What barn?” Liam’s mother interrupted. “There’s no barn in—.”
“Mom, please. I know what she’s talking about. Just bear with us.” He turned back to Natasha and said, “Are you for certain?”
“No, but it’s the only reasonable place I could think of that he would go.”
“But we haven't been there in years.”
“We haven’t. That’s not to say he hasn’t.”
“Well what do we have to lose?”
“My point exactly. I’m ready for it.”
Thats when Liam noticed that she wasn't wearing her typical richer clothing, but she was wearing normal peasant clothes, built for moving and going. He chose not to say anything about it now, but on the ten mile trip there he thought he might mention it.
“Then y’all kids better go. It’s getting dark,” Miss Krane said.
“Alright, Mom. It’ll be after dark before we are back. You don’t have to wait up for us.”
“I know, but I probably will.”
“Okay, Mom,” He said. He turned to Natasha, “We must go,” And they were off.
Each of them scaling the buildings, walking on the the ropes over the road, and leaping across the alleyways; their feet carried them as if they could fly. Within minutes, they had already leaped across the wall and were running through the trees. The sun had already melted into the horizon, but the moon shown with great intensity.
After nearly two hours of constant running, jumping and ducking, they came to an open field. The grass was tall and luscious as is flowed across the small hills, dotted with young oak trees, creating an eerie shade in the moonlight.
They slowed down, no longer having trees to hide them from any unwanted guests, and began to walk silently through the weeds. They crouched below the level of the grass. They hadn’t yet found the barn, but they knew it was nearby, having been there countless times before.
One time they were caught talking in the barn by a group of stranded foot soldiers under the allegiance of a wicked and powerful man, looking to overthrow the king. They were being watchful, not wanting to come across those kind of men again.
They rose over the...

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