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The Dark Night Essay

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In the city of Gotham, Batman gets awakened by the bat signal. He gets ready, but is alarmed when he hears a bomb go off near the football stadium. He knows that this has to be the work of the Joker. So he runs as fast as he can, and get in the Batmobile and rushes to the scene. Batman sees the destruction, dead bodies everywhere ,and the stadium torn to pieces. Batman looks for the Joker, but the joker or any of his henchmen aren't there at the scene. Batman leaves after hearing the sirens of the police ,and when he gets home the Joker’s face shows up on his tv’s and on his computer. Joker makes a public announcement on every television and computer in the city.
He said “I am going to ...view middle of the document...

Alfred goes up to Batman and says “I think I know where the Joker might be hiding.”

Batman says “ Where is he I need to show him a lesson or two.”

“He is hiding underground, one of my cameras caught one of his henchmen climbing down a tunnel.”

“Im going to go check it out, send the address to my gps”. said Batman.

“Will do.” said Alfred.

Batman rushed to his batcopter as fast as he could. He saw the Jokers base he creeped into the tunnel. Batman standing fifteen feet away from the Joker he yells to the Joker “Why are you threatening the city Joker?”

“For pleasure and enjoyment of seeing the town crumble my dear Batman.” said Joker

“Give me the remote Joker.” said Batman.

“You’ll have to kill me to get the remote Batman but we both know you won’t do that.” said Joker.

Batman ran to the Joker, and tried punching him, kicking him, but every time Batman strikes the Joker dodged it.

“Come on Batman you’ll need to try harder than that to get the remote from me.” said Joker.

“ughhhhhh.” said Batman. Batman swings at the Joker and lands a couple punches, but so does the Joker. Over and over both landing punches on each other. (Ten minutes to countdown) Both bleeding from the fight and both also exhausted, but Batmans training pays off he still has some energy and puts it into one punch, and knocks the Joker on the ground and the remote goes flying towards batman and he catches it. Batman presses the deactivate button, but the timer on the remote keeps ticking....

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