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The Dark Night Of The Soul In End Of The World By Richard Miller

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“The Dark Night of the Soul” is a chapter in the book, Writing at the End of the World by Richard Miller. In this chapter, Miller gives many examples of how reading and writing help the world, and he asks questions to find out if literature, and his teachings cause a change in the present day. Miller states, “Why bother with reading and writing when the world is so obviously going to hell?”(Dark Night of the Soul 433). I believe that this is the best statement to summarize what Miller is trying to get across. Why read? Why write? Is it going to matter in the end? Does it truly help anyone? These are all questions that arise from the author while reading this chapter.
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Miller states that “the only way out is through” (Dark Night of the Soul). I believe that he is trying to get across that the only way out of a situation is to go through it. As with any situation that arises, we all have the choice to either deal with what is going on or to avoid or ignore it. In Millers case, he believes that by simply avoiding the events that are described in this chapter, we are only allowing our current situation to progress. If we deal with it, we can hopefully address these concerns. It may take more literary education or more availability of literature. Either way to counter act these occurrences, we must confront them.
In Robert Frost’s poem, A Servant to Servants, he has a very similar statement. “The best way out is always through” (FROST). He meant that the best way to get out of something difficult is just to keep your head down and get through it. Sooner or later you'll come out on the other side. Life goes on whether we are on board or not with the overall plan. Sometimes when we are tired, we just push through because we expect that we can rest once a task or project is completed. At other times, we take the time to rest and come back strengthened. We only need to convince ourselves of the choice we make. Frost also said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on” (FROST). Those three words could calm the most
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frantic person. No matter how bad any situation is, life will continue. You will wake up tomorrow, and if you face your fears, persevere, and push through the bad situation you will find that as your life goes on, things will get a little easier each day.
I personally have faced a dark night myself and learned firsthand that life indeed does go on, Not exactly in a religious or literary experience but in a way that is significant in my life. Being a military veteran I have spent years away from my home town. Being away for such a long time made me have a sort of itch to return to where I’m from. I’m from a place that has beautiful mountains, many small towns, and more wild life then you could shake a stick at. The military stationed me in large cities and to me that was a nightmare thus became a yearning to return to my roots. While away the only piece of home that followed me was country music. In these songs, I would hear stories that I could relate to and about places similar to where I grew up. Songs that were written by artists from the same area I was, peaked a certain interest. These songs helped me have a piece of home with me everywhere I went.
The option best suited for me was to go through this endeavor that I faced. If I would have tried to ignore those feelings that I had there’s a possibility that my mental and emotional state could have been heavily altered or influenced. Some of the decisions I made in the military were life-or-death decisions. The thought of not having something there to help me through that hard time and...

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