The Dark Side Of The Internet For Children

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Internet has become an infinite source of information. For most of the computer users, internet has developed into a necessity, whether it may be utilized in school, office or home. Different types of information are available online. Although internet can help children with their school works, it also has a dark side. As the generation continues to develop, more and more children are getting involved online. A lot of them can access sites with liberty and gain information that are inappropriate for their age, and this makes internet more dangerous to them. Parents are trying to look for ways to protect their children, to lessen their internet usage and to protect them from these harmful data. To be able to help the parents, there are different parenting styles to help them with their problem. Parental strategies have diverse impact on child’s internet action. But what makes these techniques distinct from one another and how will these affect children’s internet action?
The first parenting style is the Authoritarian parenting. It has been predominant through the Western age. This may also be termed as dictatorial or cruel. In this kind of guidance, parents establish strict rules on internet usage their children are expected to follow. If children fail to obey such rules, it results to punishment. This kind of parenting is low on child-to-parent communication since the parents want to have the power or control over the children. If the children ask the motive behind these rules, parents fail to explain the reason and might reply “Because I just said so.” Parents do not consider the children’s opinion since they always want to remind the children that they are always right. Order, respect and obedience are highly valued in this kind of parenting style. Imposing an autocratic type of guidance transforms children to an obedient and proficient one but low in happiness, confidence and competence. This makes children spend more time in front of the computer to distance themselves from their parents than having a bonding time with them.
Authoritative parenting is similar with an authoritarian parenting style that establishes rules their children are required to follow. However, this style is more independent. This kind of parenting is high on warmth and guidance. If children fail to follow their guidelines, parents forgive them instead of giving a punishment. Authoritative parents are willing to listen to their children’s...

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