The Dark Side Of Writing: Stephen King And Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are famous for their works in horror. Who are these authors and why do they write these horrifying tales? Edgar Allan Poe’s life and literary works are more ominous than Stephen King’s life and literary work.
Edgar Allan Poe had a morose story of his life. His life started out with his parents dying when Poe was only three years old. He was adopted by a wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allan and his wife, Frances Valentine Allan. John Allan raised Edgar Allan Poe to be his own, yet Poe wasn’t an Allan much. Poe decided not to go into business for college yet that was the only reason John would pay for Edgar to go to college. So, Edgar Allan Poe had to pay for college on his own. He decided to take up gambling to pay for college which did not work out so well. He was striving for studying literature to become a writer which John Allan disagreed with becoming a writer as a profession. When Edgar Allan Poe got a little older, he could not afford to go to college. He tried to find family to stay with which he turned to Baltimore. Poe tried to stay with one of his cousins that just stole everything Poe had on him. Edgar Allan Poe was poor, alone and homeless, he turned to his Aunt Maria Clemm that lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Aunt Maria treated Edgar like a son, Poe felt as if she was a second mother to him. Poe lived with her and her daughter, Virginia. Which Virginia at first was Edgar’s delivery woman of letters to love interests but then Virginia became Edgar’s love interest. According to Poe Museum’s website, Poe took Virginia and Aunt Maria Clemm to Richmond, Virginia, Edgar Allan Poe’s childhood hometown. This is where Poe decided to marry Virginia when she was only thirteen years old and Poe was twenty seven. Sadly, Poe did not have a long relationship with Virginia. Virginia was only twenty five years old. When Virginia died, Poe was very melancholy about her death that alcoholism was very big with him. The alcoholism could have killed Edgar Allan Poe. “In a medical study, a Medical practitioner’s evidence has shown that Poe could have suffered from rabies or from ‘acute congestion of the brain’ from alcohol in his system” ( Edgar Allan Poe was found in Baltimore for unknown reason when he was supposedly going to Philadelphia. On the other hand, Stephen King’s life is not as bad as Edgar Allan Poe’s. Stephen King was a surprise to the King Family, when he was born on September 21, 1947. Stephen King’s parent’s relationship was a beastly one, and ended with Stephen’s father leaving when he was two years old. King had ups and downs as a child. According to Stephen King in an interview, King said, “ As a young child, King witnessed a horrifying accident. ‘The event occurred when I was barely four,’ King recounted. ‘According to Mom, I had gone off to play at a neighbor’s house — a house that was near a railroad line. About an hour after I left, I came back, she said, ‘as white as a ghost.’ I would not...

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