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The Darkest Day Essay

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Everyone freaks out about that one day. That day that comes with Zombies, mass murders, with dead people everywhere, and the world possibly ending. Doomsday. I actually might have experience with this. Today is the day that scientists predict that the world will end. Of course no one believes them because after the Mayan calendar ran out, we were still alive and well. I wasn’t alive then, but my ancestors were.
My day begins like all others. I wake up to the sound of a car crash. Typical New Yorkers not doing anything they’re supposed too. As I peer out my window I see that a car has run into a no parking sign. The driver is yelling and kicking the sign. I can’t help but giggle. He’s ...view middle of the document...

she has long thick red hair and beautiful green eyes. She is one of those girls that you expect to see in movies. Except instead of trying to become an actress, she takes care of little kids.
My mom turns to leave. “Well I have a case to get on. A certain celebrity was caught doing something I can’t mention around here.” I smile. I’m not really supposed to know anything about what her clients may have done, but everyone probably already knows about these things, so it’s usually okay.
As she exits my room Kallie, Beau, and Christian dash in. “Guess what?” Kallie asks. I pause thinking. Whatever it is
Kallie will tell me. she has absolutely no patience whatsoever.
“Ok, so you know how dad hardly ever contacts us!?” she practically jumps up and down she’s so excited. “Well,” she continues.
Apparently for my brothers Kallie is taking to long because they interrupt first chance they get. “So anyways he just called to say that he emailed you something and that it’s top secret.” Beau says.
“And he needs you to open it now!” Christian exclaims. Kallie glares at them. The boys catch her glare and quickly dash out of my room with Kallie right behind them. I sigh and turn to my laptop. I turn it on and login. As I am opening up my email inbox I hear the distant slam of the door. My mom is off to work.
Then I look at my screen I notice a new message. It’s from my dad. I click it and see a file attached to it. My fingers shaking I click on the document. The document reads:
Dear Sophie,
Hi Sweetie! I just want to say that I miss you so much! But this is not a friendly letter. I want to say that one of my rivals in the lab has come up with a plan. A plan that might be able to cause this so called “Doomsday”
This man has created a crystal that he will place on top of the Empire State Building. When the crystal is activated it will cause a dark cloud and rain that will turn anyone touched by it to turn into a Zombie. If the crystal is removed and/or destroyed the Zombies will return to their original form.
There are few people immune to this rain/storm. These are people that believe in magic. Not “believe” but that they honestly, truly believe. Hopefully you can rally up the others like you and save New York City and it’s surrounding areas.
I love you,
I stare at the screen. This is super freaky. My dad rarely contacts us at work. If he does it's for the most random reasons. For example just last Friday he wanted to know what size feet we all had. Okay!? Who needs to know that? Honestly I love my dad but he's a little bit of a weirdo. Plus he sort of abandons us when he has to work.
My phone rings. It's the one and only Paulina. My best friend since birth.
"Hey Paulina. What's up?"
"Girl, you seem down. You wanna pop-a-squat on the bed and tell me about it?"
"Oh,” I say, “No reason, just the fact that those crazy scientists that predict doomsday could be right!"
"Hold up. Back up and start from the beginning." I begin to tell the...

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