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The Davison Area Police Stress Evaluation And Referral Service

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The Davison Area Police Stress Evaluation and Referral Service

The mission of the Davison Area Police Stress Evaluation And Referral Service (S.E.A.R.S) is to provide officers and employees of the Davison, Davison Township, and Richfield Township Police Departments the opportunity to share stress related issues with a peer supporter, for the peer supporter to evaluate the employee's stress related issue, and finally for the employee to be referred, by the peer supporter, to an outside source that will best assist the officer or employee in dealing with his or her stress related issue.
The goals and objectives of the S.E.A.R.S. program are as follows:
Ø To improve or maintain officer and employee levels of professionalism and productivity.
Ø To reduce the departments' rates of absenteeism, disability leave, turn over and citizen complaints.
Ø To reduce the number of divorces among officers and employees.
Ø To improve the departments' morale.
Ø To provide stress management training each year to all officers and employees.
Ø To provide a family workshop on stress management each year.
The S.E.A.R.S. program will operate on a $6000.00 annual budget. The program is able to operate on such a minimal annual budget for many reasons. Chief among these reasons are part-time/on-call personnel staff the program, the program is utilized only on an as needed basis, the number of officers/employees who will utilize the program is relatively small and the use of existing office or building space at no cost.
The following table illustrates the program's operating budget for one year.

Part Time Counselor (Clergy)……………………………………..……..$1000.00

Part Time Counselor (Retired Officer)…………..…………$1000.00-$2000.00
Telephone Line…………………………………………………..……………$600.00
Answering Service………………………………………………..………..$1200.00
Cellular Telephone and Pager……………………………………………..$900.00
Miscellaneous Office Supplies……………………..…………………….$1000.00
Use of Building or Church……………………….………………………….No Cost

Funding for the S.E.A.R.S. program will remain within the Davison Community. All funds supporting the program will come internally, from the participating departments, and from Davison Area churches, merchants and...

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