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The Dawning Essay

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After Hunter had left the meeting he made his way over to the tavern and was standing at the bar, watching as Ozwin re-enacted their escape from The Butchery on top of the large round table in the centre of the tavern. Hunter simply chuckled to himself as he made his way over to the bar, ordered himself a drink and leant back, and watched Ozwin.
While he stood there, an elven woman with red hair came and stood next to him, he chuckled as he looked her up and down.
“I knew an elf who wore armour like that once,” said Hunter as he shook his head, “the first time we met she tried to kill me if I recall,” he then gestured at the bartender to bring other another ale, “so Vaylen you just going to ...view middle of the document...

“Bounty hunters and Viper interesting, Vartan is really going all out isn't he," said Hunter as he looked around the tavern, "this is not just because of a jailbreak, did you hear what he did up Wolfs Head"
“Yeah I heard, I wish I could help but Ravenspeak is on lock down after your last visit, not even I can get in," Vaylen said as she looked down into the flagon, "Viper is still family you know what happens if you kill him."
“Your concern is noted but I have some business with Viper, which be hard to do if he was dead," Hunter said letting out a sigh as he gazed over at the door, “oh great now what?
Vaylen followed Hunter's gaze towards Amaleh who had just entered, “is that the Lady of Wolves,” she said looking over at Hunter, "what did you to piss her off?"
Hunter sighed and turned back to the bar, “I didn't do anything Vartan however did," he replied as he shook his head, “so how much is it to make her go away?"
“Oh you could never afford me,” said Vaylen kissing his cheek, “I'll see you soon brother," she walked away but turned to look over at Hunter, "and do try and stay alive."
Hunter sat watching as Vaylen left the tavern, as Amaleh came over to the bar, and then ordered two flagons of mead.
“Can we talk?” Amaleh asked as the bartender placed them on the bar she put four gold coins and slid one of the flagons towards Hunter.
“Why would I want to talk to you,” said Hunter as he looked at the flagon with suspicion, “unless of course your here to finish your little rant.”
“I know we don't get along," Amaleh said as she looked at her flagon, “but you have to admit your well," she gazed at him and shook her head, "I don't even know what you are, but clearly the Myra trusts you and so does your friend I have was wondering if I could...”
“You know that Ozwin is strong and has more reason than any to hate Vartan," Hunter asked as he picked up the flagon, “and you want to know if he would be interested in joining your fathers rebellion...” he then glanced at her, “...the answer is no me and Ozwin are going to Drakes Fall end of story.”
Amaleh chuckled, “how did you know that,” she said shaking her head, “look let me talk to him, Drakes Fall is just as safe as Wolfs Head.”
“Not really,” Hunter said looking over at her, “my lady I am from Drakes Fall and last I checked it’s still Grenford free,” he then looked other as Ozwin jumped off the table, “but if you think you convince him otherwise, then be my guest.”
“Convince who,” Ozwin said as he walked over to the bar, “as if I didn't know, but what I want to know is who you...

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