The Day I Almost Died Essay

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“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beeeeeeep!” my alarm clock was piercing my eardrums. I got up slowly, my alarm clock still going off. It seemed as if the loudness was just getting louder and louder. Finally, I stumbled out of bed, turning my alarm off. After I got dressed, I went downstairs to pack my mother’s amazing cookies for school. Her secret is adding the right measure of mixing because mixing develops gluten in the sugar, making the cookies a chewy consistency, adding the right measure of shape because round dough balls take longer to bake, resulting in softer, thicker cookies, besides adding the correct amount of spacing because cookies baked at low temperatures spread more during baking and ...view middle of the document...

I desired to go on proving my theory that using a thermocouple would be more effective than applying a device in the solar collector. I don’t know if using a microscope will help, but the materials in them are relatively good insulators. What I do know is that to produce any kind of useful propulsion energy from heat requires a heat engine.
My first hour period, science went by extremely slow. Mrs. Frosty was trying to explain to the class how the top of a wave is called a crest and the bottom is called a trough. That wasn’t the hard part, though, she wanted us to give examples of what would create resonance. She alleged that when a band plays in the gym when the sounds bounce off of things it is reverberating. Mrs.Frosty said that the sound would be amplified in some regions and reduced in intensity in others.
I got bored until she played a dog whistle and she said that dog whistles usually have a frequency between 16 and 22 hertz. Then someone asked why we can hear some, but not others and Mrs. Frosty said that it was because anything above 20 hertz is out of the human hearing range, and that it is such a high pitch, you can't hear it. She told us that the frequency employed in an ultrasonic dog whistle can vary depending on the dog, but most dog whistles have a frequency of 5,800 Hz to 12,400 Hz. After first hour everything seemed to rush by, the day went by pretty fast. I especially liked Drivers Ed. today. We talked about how for heavy acceleration and high speed. I learned that some vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. We also learned about fair prices for distance, speed average.
Mr. Greg my Drivers ed. teacher also read us a story. It was about how it’s smart to know about science if you're driving a car because the work done by a force (joules, J) = force (newtons, N) × distance moved in the direction of the force (meters, m).
Before I came home, my hypothesis was that my plants that I didn’t have time to water today would look gloomy. Even though I couldn’t do experiments on it, I was sure that that the mass would be less and that the weight of my plants would also be lower. When I got home from babysitting tonight I will probably make a model and test it out.
On my way home, I was driving and saw a mirage on the street that seemed really cool so I took a picture. The focal point of it was a flower and it was really neat looking. I wanted to get my paint and canvas out so I could paint it. When I was driving away it looked like my mirrors on my car were concave, and the mirage looked almost transparent, it was so unearthy. Then my car started swerving and I realized the air resistance was causing the momentum of my car to drive less efficient. I got really nervous for a minute because it felt like there was no gravity...

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