The Day I Met Dictator Essay

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I grew up in a system where I had to obey orders strictly and blindly. I was born in Myanmar, also known as “Burma”, and I lived there till I was twenty one. My country was ruled by the military government even before I was born, and the dictatorship had been established well when I was growing up. The most important rule I learned as I grew up was not to get involved in politics. The worst crime to commit in my country was doing politics, and the government took severe actions such as brutal torture and many years of imprisonment to anyone who involved in political activities. I did not get into trouble throughout high school because I stayed away from politics. I even stayed away from ...view middle of the document...

“You have to cut your hair. I will give you one week, and come back to my office after you cut your hair,” the rector said. Then, I figured that my hair was the reason why he wanted to see me.
I thought that I had the right to choose my own hair style, but I had no rights under the dictatorship. If there was a rule against long hair for male students, I would not have long hair when I attended the college. “Sir, why do I have to cut my hair? I am not violating any school’s regulations. I did not see any restrictions on hair style of male students in our student handbook. My hair is completely my personal matter, and I do not understand why I need to cut my hair,” I protested for the first time in my life. “If you do not cut your hair by next week, you will be expelled from our college,” the rector said toughly in a cold tone. In Myanmar, once a student got expelled from an institution, that student would not be allowed to attend any other colleges. Since my country was ruled by the military government, our people were never given a second chance in our lives. I was aware of the consequences of being expelled from an institution. “Sir, you cannot expel me just because I have long hair,” I said hurriedly because I was feeling panicked. “I know I cannot expel you just because you have long hair. Well, I will report the government officials that you are provoking anti-government movements, campaigning to form a protest against the government, and these are the reasons why I will expel you,” the rector replied.
I was extremely shocked because I could not believe what the rector told me. He hated my appearance so he was ready to destroy my life heartlessly. He threatened to put me into a trap which I most afraid of—a political activity against the government. If the rector reported to the
government that I attempted to protest as he threatened, the government would arrest me unhesitatingly. Consequently, the rector would be rewarded a promotion for protecting the...

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