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The Day I Walked Out Of Mc Donald's

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With McDonald's being the most recognized name in the fast food business, it's now hard to find a town that doesn't have one of these such restaurants. Stuart just so happens to be "lucky" enough to have the golden arches close to US Highway 1. Because of the restaurant's locale, in combination with Stuart's populated area, there are always people walking, riding bikes, skateboarding, or driving to McDonalds all day long. It's no wonder the large yellow sign boasts of billion being served throughout the world. Whether or not McDonald's deserves such an accolade, I wouldn't know. A previous experience at this particular restaurant in Stuart led me to feel quite the opposite.While driving around the parking lot, swerving to miss pedestrians and skateboarders, I looked for an empty space to park my car. As I found a place to park, I quickly noticed all the weeds growing up through the asphalt, as well as the abundant litter consisting of old wrappers, plastic drink cups, and soggy cigarette butts, just to name a few. Stepping out of my car, I became aware of a disgusting odor that just about made my stomach turn; it smelled like dead animal carcasses rotting in a compost heap. How could anyone actually eat at a place that smelled this horrible?As I walked to the front of the building, I extended my hand to open the door, but stopped dead in my tracks. I looked at the door handle to find there was grease and grime covering its entirety. Refraining from turning and running in the other direction, I reached in my purse and pulled out a tissue to open the door.I walked to the rear of the restaurant to wash my hands in the restroom before I ordered...

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