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The Day Of The Crash Essay

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I can still remember the horrible time when I ended up in the ER. It was raining cats and dogs and we could hardly see where we were going, or even where the road was. I was with my cousin and we were in a rush to get home. We were going a trillion miles an hour, till it happened. I will never forget the day of the crash.
I woke up that morning, thrilled that I would be going on a ride with all my cousins. I was unaware that this ride would not have a cheerful ending. I was visiting in California for a week with my grandparents and four of my cousins. Excited that we would be going on an awesome ride, I ran out to the kitchen with my cousin, Leah to get some delicious, sugary cereal for breakfast to satiate our growling stomachs.
Once we finished eating our breakfast we hurried to get changed so we could leave as soon as possible. After we had our clothes on, we rushed over to Weston and Colton’s house, our other cousins. Their house just happens to be across the street. We watched them while they poured gasoline into the fuel tanks of each quad. They told us to go into their house and find helmets that fit us; so we did. We quickly came back out with two helmets that fit perfectly. Weston and Colton told us that we had about fifteen minutes till we would leave. Leah and I decided to go back to our grandparent’s house and go to the bathroom one last time, since we would be far from one. While we were over there, we grabbed our cameras and a protein bar to eat if we happened to get hungry. Then we glanced out the window and saw Weston and Colton back outside ready to leave. We quickly darted back over to their house.
Then, Leah and I realized that we would have to ride together because there were not enough quads for everyone to ride separately. It was soon decided that she would drive first, then I would drive second, and we would continue to trade-off. All ready to go we secured our helmets and took off down the road and out to the orchard fields and beyond. After about ten minutes we got to our destination. Once there, everyone went their own way. We were to meet up in an hour. Since Leah and I had never been there before we were anxious to go explore our surroundings.
Soon after, we were thinking about how much fun we were having. The ride was amazing, and we had fun taking turns driving. However, the excitement suddenly stopped when it started to rain. Luckily though, we had brought heavy-duty water proof jackets along. The only bummer was the fact they were in the back compartment of Colton’s quad, and we had no idea where he was. We thought about what to do, and decided that it was lightly raining, so we probably would not get terribly wet. We didn’t want to waste the thirty minutes we had left until we were to meet up trying to track them down. With that in mind, we decided to keep on going.
We were overfilled with joy when the rain chose to let up. Meanwhile, Leah and I enjoyed being able to see clearly out of our helmets...

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