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Arriving to the clinic it was the usual procedures of not eating 12 hours prior. Although these were very rare moments in life, I enjoyed them. I am talking of the medical requirement not to eat. A lifelong ambition to be thin means your mind no longer thinks rationally upon food related issues. Accustomed to my perverse thinking I had calculated I could lose a pound, possibly two through the surgical procedure. And then there's the post-operative period. A few weeks of taking medications, feeling sick, sleepy and possibly or hopefully losing my appetite. This all equated to more potential weight loss. It's a shame what the fanatical obsession of losing weight can do to one's cognitive processes.
It was only a few months earlier I'd tried another method of forced nil by mouth, this time by faking religion. At university for a week I decided I wasn't going to eat. This was a sensible idea given I would be in the lab, lectures and long days of 10 hours. In part it was to do with the open canteen I'd previously experienced on Open University residential schools. They were a disaster. At breakfast it was like you were eating for a whole family. Lunch was the same but with added cakes and deserts thrown in. Dinner was much like lunch and breakfast in so far that if you were bulimic this was your living nightmare. At that point I was over the main stages of bulimia but the desire to binge was still hanging around. An open canteen such as I've described was treacherous hence why I decided I wouldn't eat for a week. Given it was the month of Ramadan and I'm not Muslim, this was the perfect time to pretend I was. Before the week started I had to explain to the tutor I was a practising Muslim and couldn't eat. At times I felt guilty when she paid special attention to check how I was doing. It did mean I got extra water breaks to go and fill my water bottle up. In terms of not eating I accomplished the goal but I did do the master cleanse, the lemon diet. It turned out to be the worst time to do it because the canteen was far superior to the other universities I'd attended. There were beautiful salads, the kinds of salads that you actually want to eat and lots of healthy options. There's many a food story I could share that sideline my life experiences but for now I'll continue the main story.
Arriving to the clinic I can't remember if I was nervous. If I was I don't remember so it can't have been much. Upon arriving and registering your details you get a pink gown and matching slippers. They weren't the fluffy types but plastic versions with a plastic shaped bow. I still have them now and I'm looking at them. They've come in very handy in the bathroom. In Iran they have a plastic slipper culture that is unknown in the UK. Initially I dumped the slippers after the...

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