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The Day Of Tragedies Essay

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The Day of Tragedies
“Would you like to see your new baby sister?” my father said with exhaustion but joy in his voice. As I entered the room, I saw my new sister, Annika Marie Acuna. I already knew her name considering I picked it out from a magazine. My mom handed me Annika having total trust in me to not drop her. But I guess I’m a pro by now since I’m the eldest of two little sisters. Annika was a heavy baby coming in at nine pounds eleven ounces. But all of that was just a flashback to fifteen years ago. October fifth is a special day considering Annika was born, but her birthday is filled with tragedy that happened throughout history. On this day the Paddington Rail Crash occurred, ...view middle of the document...

I believe this could relate back to the safety test that could have prevented the collision. However, this should be a learning lesson that a safety test is important and costs shouldn’t be a worry. Besides the Paddington Rail Crash, on the news there was a special look back of the Ashgabat Earthquake that occurred on October fifth 1948.
The next story on the news was the Ashgabat earthquake of 1948. The news lady said it is known to be one of the deadliest earthquakes ever recorded. The magnitude of the earthquake was measured to be a 7.3 on the Richter Scale. Even with the earthquake lasting seconds, it damaged the villages surrounding Ashgabat ( Having imagined being in the position, I would have been frightened to have the buildings and surrounding areas to be falling down and getting destroyed. The total cost of destruction was said to be around twenty-five million dollars and over 110,000 deaths (, Inc). The aftermath of the earthquake must have been a catastrophe. I couldn’t think of the misfortune everyone had to go through. The people in the villages must have had to go to an extent to find all their belongings or loved ones under all the remains of their village. I still remember one more event but that was all the events I recalled from that day waiting in the waiting room from when I watched the news. The last event that I remember was from an article I read not that many years ago. The article was about the discovery of a mass grave in Germany.
This last event was kind of disturbing to me, yet it was interesting. The article was about the finding of a mass grave at a Catholic Church in Germany. Fifty-one skeletons, twenty-nine adults and twenty-two...

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