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The Daydreaming Problem - Creative Writing

"Well" said the head in assembly, "The start of a new school year," He
stood beaming round at everyone in the hot and humid theatre, "At the
end of the next year you will be taking your GCSE's, these will help
you enter the profession you wish to take when you leave this school…

"Captain were ready for take off"

"Okay Jones, take her up!" mike replied.

The engines roared and the plane vibrated violently as the heavy boeng
747 lifted up off the ground.

As the plane reached cruising altitude the Captain was disturbed by a
voice behind him, "come on Mike time to go to lesson, (pause) Mike!

He felt himself being pushed and pulled violently but he did not
respond until lee gave him a playful dig.

"Ouch, what the hell did you do that for?"

By the time he realised where he was he could not stop the words from
coming out of his mouth, he was still in the assembly, sitting at the
back with All the 270 people in there staring at him, the teachers
were looking at him in disbelief, The Head stood, gaping at him, with
a look of pure horror on his face, looking like he could of exploded
any minute Mike, who had gone bright red, looked at the floor, trying
not to catch anybody's eye, the seconds ticked by like hours until,
"Mike Richards, get out!" The voice came from the bottom right corner
of the theatre, he did not look to see who had said it, it couldn't
have been the Headmaster, he was still in the Center of the theatre,
Still staring. Mike broke into a run, leaped down the stairs, and out,
but he didn't know where to go, so he decided to go to the year heads
office, it was probably him who said it anyway.

Later on he realised why everyone had been so shocked at him, just
before he said what he did the head had just announced that he had
been informed by the board of directors that 20-30 people from the
recently closed St Benedict's school would be joining their year

Mike escaped 'lightly' with a week of after-school detentions, and
also if he did anything else wrong before the end of term he would be
suspended, it would also be written into his report for when he left
the school. Mike was feeling very lonely that week, he had had a
massive argument with his mates, for getting him into trouble in the
first place, they had refused, saying that he was talking to himself
anyway, and had already distracted the attention of half the students
there, the sound did not reach the teachers at the front at that time
anyway. Mike did not want to believe any of this, so he had a blazing
row, which ended up with them going off and leaving him. Everyone was
now tormenting him, especially when he went to dinner, he would get
called names like 'Billy' and 'reject'. Whenever he did try to go and
sit with someone, they would...

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