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The Dayton Woman’s Club Essay

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Dayton, Ohio has a well known history that stretches back for Centuries. Sometimes, you take for granted the history of where you were born, but if you take a time line and look back, its clear to see how important it was to reflect on the different stages of triumph and victory that certain historical places like the one that will be talked about in this paper, that is The Woman’s Club. (This historical site) The Woman’s Club has been around for decades, and has been a very important tool for the history of Dayton. The history of this Club includes the survival of the Dayton flood and also the Great Depression which was around the 1930’s. You may think that The Woman’s Club was just for women but they did help men in some ways too but rooming was specifically, mostly only for women during the time when they rented rooms for overnight stay. An interesting fact about The Woman’s Club is that they have a ghost in their basement. Inside the basement there is a bar and this is where the men came to get a beverage. Going up into the main hall which is the historical part of the building where there is a wooden structure that is so beautiful and has a classical design to it. The history still lives in this beautiful structured building today. If the first owner of this beautiful structured place was still alive (Robert Steele) today, he probably would be happy to know that his classical, unique structured building was built for good use today and that people still value the history of The Woman’s Club as though it is something to remember. Today, The Woman’s Club is very important to Dayton because of its’ long lasting history. The history of The Woman’s Club starts out as the beginning of a brand new home, Robert Steele’s home who had designed it his self. Robert Steele was one of the first people to bring a classical style to Dayton, Ohio. Robert Steele impacted Dayton in so many ways and one of them happened to be education. The first High School was named after him. Robert Steele was an educator for the Dayton Public Schools, he was a Superintendent, and he implemented a lot of changes in the Dayton Public School System.
Soon Napoleon Bonaparte Darst purchased the building in the 1860s. There was remodeling done and his style in the way he designed the building was called the “Second Empire Style” (The Dayton‘s Woman’s Club). The structure of The Woman’s Club was a very spectacular sight. It was first built as two stories high. The building now is three stories high. Inside The Woman’s Club are beautiful pictures, antiques, marble mantel pieces, and eagle crested storm doors (A Brief History). To the side of the building there is a beautiful fountain and a flower garden that has been there for the longest. The flower bed continues to be taken care of really well. Also, there was a group of young women that came to meet at the Club every week to provide for women in the area with help and life learning subjects. The women also did...

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