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"The Dead" What was the occasion of the get together? I'm interested in the story "The Dead" because of personal experiences that I have had. This story sparked my curiosity because it never really told you the real reason of the get together. As I was reading "The Dead", I became interested in some of the symbols that were in the story. I enjoyed trying to figure out the true meaning of the symbols. I also liked this story because usually we think of get togethers as parties, birthdays or celebrations. I don't know of too many people who get together for "The Dead" other than a funeral. The occasion of the get together was to reunite the living with the dead. First, I evaluated the stories use of symbolism. I found the character Pat to be an important symbol. From the text I concluded that his death brought everyone together. Death is something we all share. I have a similar, actually very recent experience. About a week ago, my best friend had passed away due to cancer at the age of twenty-one. His death is similar to Pat because he is what brought myself, his friends and everyone in his family together. Another character that caught my attention was Lily. It wasn't so much her youth and innocence that I was interested in. It was the meaning of her 1 name and the importance of it to "The Dead". In terms of flowers, lilies are used at funerals(death). The funeral I attended had beautiful arrangements of lilies. Also, during Easter we have Easter Lilies(rebirth). Secondly, the music and dancing at the get together is another way that leads, myself as the reader to "death". The dancing and music was very formal, stiff and uptight. In the text, after Gabriel gave his speech, "All the guests stood up, glass in hand, and turning towards the three seated ladies, sang in unison, with Mr. Browne as leader: For they all jolly gay fellows, For they all jolly gay fellows, For they all jolly gay fellows, which nobody can deny"(826). I feel this song is not only a ritual for the people that attended the get together, but it's also one of the deathly parts of the party. The song is deathly because the people are acting crazy and careless. As a result of their carelessness bad things could happen. However, the singing and dancing is what makes the party lively. Another moment in the text that leads you to "The Dead" is when Gabriel wandered to the wall above the piano. There was a picture of "the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet and beside it was a picture of the two murdered princes in...

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