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The Dead And The Dying Essay

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Death is what we all soon to face. It is the most inevitable event of a person’s life yet it can also be a new beginning. Death is the end of two plays, Fences by August Wilson and The Sandbox by Edward Albee. These plays differ on how other characters feel about the deaths of the main characters before and after death. We always reconcile and reminisce about the life of a dead person. The main character of Fences, Troy, had a complicated relationship with his son and had an affair with another woman. Cory is having a hard time with his father but eventually receives ten dollars despite his father’s misfortune. Upon Troy’s death, Cory refuses to go to his father’s funeral suggesting he still did not forgive his father but his mother convinces him to pay his respects. In The Sandbox, Grandma is very old and is dying from old age. She is very old that her daughter and son-in-law eagerly awaits her death. Although Grandma’s daughter is quite inconsiderate, she genuinely mourns to her mother after all the entire burden that her mother caused. When a person dies, we humans don’t think of the bad things he had done but we think about what he had achieved. During a person’s life, the characters of the plays display hate to the main characters but upon their deaths that hate transforms into forgiveness.
Troy Maxson is the main protagonist in the play, Fences. He is an African-American father and husband struggling to support his family. He used to be a great baseball player when he was young but now, he works as a garbage man. His mishaps greatly affect his relationship towards his family especially toward his sons, Lyons and Cory. According to Molly Wilson O’Reilly, Troy brags himself as the breadwinner in his household (O’Reilly). He acts like a person who is hateful and produces negative energy that upsets others. Probably, he is just depressed due to the years of hard work in order to support his entire family. Although he is capable of supporting his family through money, he fails to provide love and affection that would mean the most to his loved ones. At the beginning of the play, Troy confesses to his best friend that he had an affair with another woman. Later it was revealed that he impregnated Alberta. His wife was enraged but accepted his illegitimate daughter as her own. She showed great compassion despite her feelings of anger. What made Troy commit adultery? Perhaps this is a way to escape his real life problems. It seems Troy made a lot of mistakes in his life. Will his family ever forgive him? During his funeral, his family hasn’t completely forgiven him but they feel sympathetic to troy to the fact that he tragically died. Fences suggests that a person's death cannot change other people's feelings completely but it is the start of the healing process. Troy may have died with full of regrets and mistakes but his death may a relief to his agonizing life.
While Fences refers to the feelings of people after death, The Sandbox refers to...

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